Economics & Business Administration


Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Economics aims to nurture and train students to be the economists, managers and accountants of the future. The various fields of study include: Political Economy, Economic Growth, Micro and Macro-economics, Game theory, Econometrics, as well as programs in Accounting and Finance.

The Economics and Business Administration Degree is intended to teach the academic rules of economics, and the roles of management and organization. Courses taught in this degree include economics as well as basic and advanced studies in business administration, which consists of financing, marketing, administrative accounting and financial management.

Why Economics

Economics studies develops unique and distinctive thinking skills that facilitate a deeper understanding of market processes and decisions of individuals, firms, organizations, industries and governments. Students of Economics enhance their analytic capabilities, and their ability to evaluate, explore and develop insights into various topics both in Economics as well as other related disciplines. A degree in Economics provides graduates with practical tools that can assist in decision-making processes both on the micro and macro levels. The study of Economics challenges the students to use various cognitive abilities, combining analytical and scientific skills that enable the student to think outside the box.

Competitive Edge

Studies at our Department prepare our graduates to work in various fields including the banking system, financial markets, insurance companies, law firms, government offices, non-profit organizations, public and private companies. Graduates of the Department of Economics have moved on to pursue higher degrees, and are placed in highly sought-after positions in the public and private sectors: as economic analysts, economic trends forecasters, risk management advisors, financial and investment advisors, CPA’s, scientific experts, financial journalists, banking executives, and more.

Theory & Practice

A degree from our Department provides you with an outstanding theoretical background for MA studies in any number of disciplines (including ours), for MBA studies, and for Law Studies, especially for students interested in the combination of these fields. However, the emphasis is on courses that not only prepare the student for academic research, but also for practical participation in the various fields in the market. The goal is to impart the knowledge necessary to understanding the economic behavior of national economies and the economic units of which they are composed.


To graduate with a B.A. in Economics & Business, students are required to complete 46.5 department credits over the course of their studies. The program is designed to be completed in three years.

Course List

First Year
Course No.Course TitleCredits
66-101Introduction to Microeconomics2
66-102Introduction to Macroeconomics2
66-106/td>Introduction to Accounting1.5
66-110Mathematics for Economists A1.5
66-111Mathematics for Economists B1.5
66-127Principles of Management1
66-153Introduction to Statistics A1.5
66-154Introduction to Statistics B1.5
66-156Economic Thought for the B.A.1
Subtotal: 13.5 credits
Second Year
Course No.Course TitleCredits
66-201Macroeconomics A1.5
66-202Macroeconomics B1.5
66-213Price Theory A2
66-214Price Theory B2
66-231Quantitative Methods1.5
66-236Introduction to Econometrics A1.5
66-237Introduction to Econometrics B1.5
66-238Computer Applications in Economics1
66-241Fundamentals of Marketing1.5
66-251Introduction to Finance1.5
66-262Advanced Accounting2
Subtotal: 17.5 credits
Third Year
Course No.Course TitleCredits
74-113Israeli Economy1
74-213Price Theory C1.5
Review of Studies in Applied Economics1.5
Labor Economics1
Introduction to Game Theory1
Department Electives3
Seminar Electives6.5
Subtotal: 15.5 credits

This table includes only course requirements from the Major. Students need a total of 64 credits throughout their majors and core curriculum requirements to graduate.

To be considered for the Department of Economics, applicants are expected to have

  • Completed high school/ secondary school with a 3.5 GPA
  • Scored a 1200 combined score on the SAT Critical Reading + Math sections (minimum of 600 in Math), a 29 score on the ACT, or a 600 Psychometric exam (minimum of 125 on the Quantitative).

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Program Overview

Program Type: Extended Major (46.5 credits)
Program Length: 3 Years
Language of Instruction: English
Admission Requirements:

  • SAT: 1200 (600 in Math)
    Psychometric: 600 (125 in Math)
  • 3.5 High School GPA

Application Deadline: Rolling admissions