Interdisciplinary Social Sciences


Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences teaches a greater understanding of all aspects of society, from the impact of political, legal and economic systems on social and economic welfare to human rights and security. Graduates of the highly popular degree program in Psychology, Criminology & Sociology go on to assume key positions in leading companies and organizations in Israel and around the world.

This dynamic curriculum gives students an advantage by presenting innovative theories and applied training shared by the various subject areas. Over the course of three years, professors provide students with personal guidance and professional supervision offering options for advanced research and academic growth. Students also gain valuable tools for analyzing and understanding human behavior, cultural awareness and sensibility, and proven knowledge to promote professional development in a wide range of fields.

Why Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

The Program for Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences at Bar-Ilan University promotes academic thinking and interdisciplinary analysis, while interacting between various fields of management, logistics, economics, sociology and psychology.

The Program is targeted for individuals interested in advancing themselves, developing new skills and enriching their professional capabilities. Most of the Program’s students are successful professionals who continue to work and develop their career while studying. Program graduates proceed to assume key positions in Israel’s leading companies and organizations.

One-of-a-Kind Program

The Interdisciplinay Social Sciences degree in BIU was started in 1974, and to this day no other university offers any program like that. It’s the most popular degree in the University!

Renowned Professors

Our program faculty includes experienced and renowned professors, experts in their fields, specifically chosen from Bar-Ilan University’s Faculty. Program professors provide students with personal guidance and professional supervision throughout their studies, and offer advanced options for research and academic growth.


To graduate with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, students are required to complete 48 department credits over the course of their studies. The program is designed to be completed in three years.

Course List

First Year
Course No.Course TitleCredits
74-100Statistics A1.5
74-101Statistics B1.5
74-103Experimental Research2
74-120Fundamentals of Sociology2
74-122Theories in Criminology2
74-123Introduction to Anthropology2
74-212Introduction to Psychology2
74-220Introduction to Developmental Psychology2
74-126Academic Literacy1
Subtotal: 16 credits
Second Year
Course No.Course TitleCredits
74-124Israeli Society2
74-125Penal Law2
74-200Research Methods A1.5
74-200Research Methods B1.5
74-204Organizational Behavior A1
74-205Organizational Behavior B1
74-207Computer Applications1.5
74-214Physiological Psychology2
74-215Social Psychology2
74-217Theories of Personality2
Subtotal: 16.5 credits
Third Year
Course No.Course TitleCredits
74-213Cognitive Psychology2
Department Electives7.5
Seminar Electives4
Subtotal: 15.5 credits

This table includes only course requirements from the Major. Students need a total of 64 credits throughout their majors and core curriculum requirements to graduate.

To be considered for a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, applicants are expected to have

  • Completed high school/ secondary school with a 3.8GPA
  • Scored an 1100 combined score on the SAT Critical Reading + Math sections, a 26 score on the ACT, or a 550 Psychometric exam.

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Program Overview

Program Type: Extended Major (48 credits)
Program Length:
3 Years
Language of Instruction: English
Admission Requirements:

  • SAT: 1100 | Psychometric: 550
  • 3.8 High School GPA

Application Deadline: Rolling admissions