Program Application

Program Overview

Learn spoken Arabic and learn about local customs, culture and language – an enriching opportunity

We invite you to study colloquial (spoken) Arabic in an academic framework at Bar-Ilan University.

BIU invites students and academic staff from across the globe to learn colloquial Arabic at the beginners level during the summer. The program enables its participants to acquire the Arabic language at a top-notch, beautiful and safe academic campus, alongside extensive cultural activities in Arabic.

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The program includes three weeks (four days per week) of intensive classwork in the Arabic language. In addition, excursions are arranged in order to experience first-hand local customs, culture and culinary delights through direct interaction with Arab hosts in their homes within the local villages.  The program also includes enrichment lectures on Islam, history of the Middle East, the history of the Land of Israel, and more.

The seminar is equivalent of 3 academic credits.

The Program will take place between  July 6th – July 23rd 2020. 

Program cost: US$ 1950 (includes classes, practical exercises, learning materials, visits to Arab villages, enrichment lectures, tours in Israel, lunch and accommodation at the Bar-Ilan University campus).