The ability to collaborate with institutions in Europe serves the internationalization strategy goals of Bar-Ilan University very well. We place a major emphasis on the expansion of faculty and student mobility partnerships through the ICM KA107 program. We are currently working with several universities throughout Europe and are eager to broaden our Erasmus+ network with key partners.

The Bar-Ilan International School supports the advancement of partnerships and projects with foreign institutions, aiming to advance internationalization in teaching and learning. Special stress is directed towards the Erasmus+ Programme, focused on increasing the development and implementation of Mobility and Capacity Building Projects.

In order to ensure fairness in the selection process for mobility funding, Bar-Ilan University has established an evaluation committee that includes academic and administrative representatives from the International School, and the Dean or Director of primary department(s) promoting the proposed mobility.

Bar-Ilan recognizes the mobility outcomes according to the terms and with conditions set in the respective Mobility Agreement (teaching/learning agreement), while observing the regulations set by the Israeli Council for Higher Education.

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