Summer Program Application

Want to combine a joyous summer vacation and get inspired by a new hot topic of research?

Join us for a six-week summer school program on Data Science at Bar-Ilan University, located in the center of Israel.
Israel, a vibrating hub of innovation, is one of the Data Science centers in the world.

Data Science brings together advanced computational methodologies from statistics and machine learning, offering a rich, sophisticated and powerful toolbox for high-tech industry and scientific research. The massive amount of recorded data in our times has opened up unprecedented opportunities to study and understand complex phenomena in diverse real-world systems.

Bar-Ilan University is Israel’s second-largest academic institution, and is, in fact, Israel’s fastest-growing institution of higher education. Its inviting and continuously expanding campus is located in the Tel-Aviv district. The Department of Physics is known for its leadership role in Statistical Physics and Complex systems, hosting several world leading researchers in these fields.

The Physics Department at Bar-Ilan University has a special focus on developing and applying novel Data Science approaches. Research of Complex Systems plays a very central role in the Physics Department of Bar Ilan University.

Specifically, Bar-Ilan University is a leader in Network Science, which has become indispensable in many disciplines and is a key element in data-driven research. The broad spectrum of tools of Physics permits us to address data-science on many scales, starting with data gathering and analysis, and ending with data based modeling and applications.

The summer program is a theoretical and practical introduction to broad topics in Data Science. Students will learn the basic concepts and methods to analyze Big Data.

During the program, the students will apply their newly acquired knowledge to the analysis of real-world data to uncover hidden information and practice cutting edge technologies.

You’re welcome to come enjoy your summer in Israel!

Summer in Israel is known for its wonderful weather, beautiful beaches and the opportunity to visit historical and cultural sites that have existed for thousands of years.

During the summer school we will visit many exciting places, such as the Old City of Jerusalem, the lowest point in the world: the Dead Sea, Masada and the Innovation Center in Tel Aviv etc.

More specific topics:

Basic programming skills – Matlab

Analysis of complex networks

Statistical estimation methods

Data clustering and complex physical potentials.

Popular applications of clustering algorithms

Deep learning and the Physics of phase transitions

Hands-On Experience (Research Projects)

Medical data (such as EEG, ECG, EMG and human microbiome) will be provided on which students could work on to determine health-related parameters and to detect medical events such as sleep-stage transitions, sleep apnea episodes, transitions from rest to exercise, etc.

Important Information:

The Program will take place between  July 13th – August 6th 2020. 

During the first three weeks, the students will be introduced to the subject by Dr. Amir Bashan, Dr. Stas Borov and Dr. Roni Bartsch, while in the last three weeks the students will used the techniques acquired in the first half to analyze real-world data.

Acceptance Criteria:

This program is intended for third-year or higher undergraduate and graduate students in Physics, Mathematics or Engineering.

For additional details contact:
International School
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat-Gan, Israel 5290002

Tel: +972- 3-738-4245


Dr. Yossi Ben-Zion

Dr. Yossi Ben-Zion, Deputy Chairman of the Department of Physics, is responsible for the department’s curriculum in all its aspects.
In addition to his extensive teaching activities, he heads the international development in the Department of Physics and is also an active researcher.
Dr. Ben-Zion has completed his B.Sc. M.Sc and PhD degrees at Bar-Ilan University.

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