How high do my A-Levels have to be to get into a degree? (England)

Each student is tested individually according to the parameters.

You can also see more information on this page.

What kind of documents do I need in order to apply?

Please look on our website, for each program the requirements differ.

Should I submit SAT? ACT? How much should Be the results to be admitted ?

Each student is tested individually according to the parameters

Can I start my studies in the second semester?

Depends on the approval by the department, it is worth considering that your studies will be extended

Do I need to take an English proficiency test?

All applicants from non-English-speaking countries need to take one of the following tests and pass with the minimum score mentioned below:

  • TOEFL 90
  • IELTS 6.5
  • SAT EBRW 600
  • ACT 49
  • Amir- Amiram 120

How can I apply?

You can read here about the different steps to apply for each programs.

Where should I send the documents to?

For studies in English:

For studies in Hebrew:

Is SAT sufficient when applying to a program in Hebrew?

SAT is sufficient. You can read here more about how to convert your SAT grades.

What level of Hebrew is required for the Hebrew programs?

Level 4 (רמה ד) is the minimum.

The required level differs depending on the program.

What Psychometric score do you need to get admitted?

Each student is tested individually according to the parameters, such as high school, psychometric / SAT / Mechina / previous studies

Can you put on hold your acceptance to a degree for a year?

Yes, the next year you will be automatically be accepted in the system

When do the students need to send original papers and when is it enough to send a copy?

A diploma and grades-sheet must be presented the original, the rest allow a copy

About the School/Programs

What is my degree structure?

Bachelor’s Degree is built from department courses, and for double major in 2 departments, in addition to general courses and basic studies in Judaism

Can you tell me more about this School?

You can read more about Bar-Ilan University on this page on our website.

Exchange/Short Term/Credits

What is the minimum age for summer and winter programs?

Those that have graduated high school are eligible to study in BIU.

What are the dates of the summer/winter programs?

Please check on the websites for any updates.
Since it’s information that is updating every year.

Are the credits transferable to the USA?

Normally they do, but it depends on the Universities.
Our credits are transferable through ECTS to European countries

How do I apply for a student exchange?

Please apply via this link.

Can a student studying as a free listener change courses early in the semester? And will it appear at the end as a drop out course?

You can make changes to the courses in the first month of study and then you can add and retire courses free of charge. And you will eventually pay for what will be listed at the end of the change period.

What is the Erasmus Program?

To read more about the Erasmus program, please click here.

What are the available universities to study abroad?

To see the list of the universities that are available to study aboard as part of the Erasmus+ program, please click here. 

Are there any gap year credits that can be recognized?

We do, but you have to be in touch with the university you would like to attended to see what they would accept

If I took college courses outside of Bar Ilan it counts?

An official grade sheet with signature and stamp and syllabuses must be submitted if needed for mador status- and need approval

Can I go on a student exchange? (outgoing)

You can read more here to see whether you are eligible to go on student exchange.

What are the short term courses that are offered in English?

You ca read more information here, on the page of short-term and exchange students.

Gap Year

Is it possible to attend only one semester in the Gap-year?

It is possible. However, it might limit the courses that the student will be eligible to take.

Is there a possibility of Gap Year? What is the program? What should I do to enter? Admission process?

Yes there is, the Israel XP program you can visit their web site at

English Hebrew Courses/Mechina

Is it mandatory to learn Hebrew for the English programs?

There is no need to learn Hebrew if all of your studies will be in Hebrew.

If you will study only one course in Hebrew you will need to take a Hebrew proficiency test.

Can I learn basic Hebrew in Bar Ilan?

Yes! There is a Hebrew course that is done via Zoom for beginners

The course will start on November 3rd, 2021.

You can read more information via this link.


Where and how do you book a room for a guest from overseas?

Please see more information about dorms for short term here.

Where can I find information about the Dorms?

You can find more information about the dorms on our website, by clicking here.

Is there a kitchen in the dorms?

Yes there is.

As a student you will be able to cook your own food in your apartment and stay economical.

Are there dorms for short term?

Yes, it’s on first-come-first-serve basis.

As for October 18th, 2021 there are 5 studio rooms.

You can read more information here.

With who can I contact about the dorms?

You can contact Visa & Dorms via with any difficulties that you ay encounter.


Does tuition includes health insurance?

Unfortunately, no.
Health Insurance will have to be purchased separately. If you would like to read more information about Israeli health insurance, then please click here.

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes we do,
please click here.

Is there a possibility of scholarship with Bar-Ilan University?

Yes, we offer scholarships for PhD candidates.
To read more, please click here.

How do I know if the Minhal Hastudentim (Israeli student authority) will pay for my studies?

A file must be opened in the Minhal Hastudentim (of the Misrad Haklita) immediately after the University’s admissionץ
To visit their website, please click here.

Do new immigrants need to pay tuition?

As far as we know, the Misrad Haklita will reimburse your tuition up to 10,000 NIS.
For further information please contact them via

How much is the cost of the year in BIU? (approx.)

The current Tuition Policy Handbook for 2021-2022 can be found here.

How much international students have to pay for tuition?

Please note that international students of BIU have to pay 25% more than Israeli students.
To read more of the tuition policy, please click here.

How do I get into Ilanet website to enter account information? (for scholarship)

When you log into Ilanet, follow the below steps:

Ilanet> Candidate Information> Enter Bank Account Information.

How do I pay tuition?

You may go to Schar Limud (Building 403) they will give you a slip and you pay at the bank
via Inbar system (but has 40 NIS fee).

How can I pay application fee without Israeli credit card?

Registration fees and tuition can also be paid with a foreign card, the field “Passport / ID number” must be left blank

University Documents

What is it and where is SHEMA? (Student support)

SHEMA sits in the area of building 502, class 19 (next to Stern building 605).
You can contact them via 9392* or 03-5317000.

Where can a former student of BIU get his/her Ulpan certificate?

Any former student of BIU can get the Ulpan certificate at the office of TALAM.

Where can I get Ishur limudim (Certification of studies) in English from?

You can get it on the Inbar website.
Please contact us if you will in encounter any difficulties.

Rav-Kav Card 

How can I get Rav-Kav?

You can order a Rav-kav card online on the website (click here).

Or you can get an Anonymous Rav-Kav card in any pharmacy store in Israel.

What is Rav-Kav?

Rav-Kav is the card that is used in Israel to commute with public transportation.
You can read more information on the Rav-Kav website by clicking here.

How can I charge my Rav-Kav?

You can charge it on the Rav-Kav app. Or you can charge it in any kiosk or ATM that has the option to do so.

Student Life

Where can I find places to eat on-campus?

As for October 18, 2021 those are the restaurants that are on-campus:

  • In front of building 403 –  “Coffee time” cafe.
  • Buildings 1002 & 1004 – Meat food truck.
  • Building 206 (Nano) – Karnaf (salads, pastas and more).

Feel free to reach out for more information!

What is the social life like in Bar-Ilan?

Social life in the University is always interesting.

There is an incredible sense of community between the international students. You have plenty of opportunities to talk to local students as well.

Additionally, there are many events for the international students throughout the year.


Office Info

Where is the international office located?

Inside the University in building 403, Floor -1.