Postdoctoral Policy and Information

The aim of the postdoctoral fellowship is to enable young scientists who have completed their PhDs to undertake scientific research under the guidance of a senior scientist.

Bar-Ilan University (BIU) has outlined its “Policy for Postdoctoral Research Fellows” in detail for all potential BIU postdoctoral fellows whether Israeli or international students. Students wishing to apply for postdoctoral research at the university must read this policy and sign that they have read and accepted the terms.

The policy outlines the application for, and approval of, a postdoctoral fellowship and explains which forms need to be filled in and what documents are needed. It also provides information on the fellowship program, scholarships and stipends, and more.

Please read through this document carefully before applying for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Bar-Ilan University. You will need to sign it and return it to BIU with your application.

Postdoctoral Fellowship information

Registration for Postdoctoral Fellowship 2022

Policy for Postdoctoral Research Fellows

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