“I couldn’t be happier to have chosen Bar-Ilan University’s International
School as the place where I would earn my BA degree in Israel, in English!
The program has provided me with courses that interest me, professors
who care, and amazing friends from all over the world! It’s a wonderful
environment, a beautiful campus, and a great place to study!”
/ Renay Mimran, US / Communications & Political Science

Expand Your Horizons!

Bar-Ilan University (BIU) is ranked in the top 2% of all universities in the world with unparalleled academic advancements, and delivers programs that are among the world’s top 300, according to the Shanghai Ranking (including Political Science, Communications, Sociology and Economics).

Prize-winning professors and lecturers, internationally-recognized for their research and achievements, educate students in interesting, top-quality, multidisciplinary degrees and degree courses (BA, MA, PhD and short-term programs) – all in English. The university prides itself on its pioneering research and significant advancement in all departments.

Impact Beyond Excellence.

Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs (EU’s Erasmus+ and more)are highly sought-after by incoming and outgoing students who benefit from an enriching experience in anew culture within a new country –all while continuing to pursue their academic interests.

The student union ensures there is a vibrant social community on campus, and residential students experience a welcoming, all-encompassing social environment in beautiful dormitory style living.

In addition, BIU’s International School’s Student Services Center is dedicated to supporting international students’ needs and organizing engaging social activities.

According to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and Integration, BIU is the #1 choice for new immigrants (olim). The university, awarded Israel’s “Most Beautiful Campus” title by the Council for A Beautiful Israel, is also a university-of-choice for international students.
One of the advantages of BIU’s International School’s programs is that international students are integrated into the university and are able to study with Israeli students. Programs are mixed and Englishspeaking students can take courses in Hebrew and vice versa.

The university is located in the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, a short ride to all major hot spots in the center of the city, and one hour from Jerusalem.

Communications and Political Science BA

Get ahead of the game of politics, government and communications! The
Communications and Political Science double major provides a broad survey of
the many fields and elements in the world of media and political communication.
The integration of the two gives students the proper tools to analyze government
and media, and succeed in their chosen careers.

BIU’s School of Communications and Department of Political Science give
students the opportunity to earn a multi-disciplinary degree from two top
university departments.

The Political Science department is recognized internationally as one of the top
300 in the world thanks to the quality of its faculty, the wide variety of courses and programs, and the high level of students and graduates.

Course Example

The B.A. in Communications and Political Science includes: Leadership, Strategy and
Politics; Jewish-Arab Interreligious Dialogue; the Relationship Between Identity,
Culture, Religion and Politics; the Israeli Media; and many more.

Communications and English Literature BA

Gain the edge for a career in communications and English! Study how
communication techniques and technologies shape society and culture while
gaining excellent communication skills in this joint double-major.

BIU’s School of Communications is one of the few academic institutions that
offers research and training in International Communications and Public
Diplomacy, while the Department of English Literature and Linguistics offers
the broadest literature program in Israel, taught by true leaders in the field of

Course Examples

The B.A. in Communications and English Literature includes:
Environmental Communication and Branding; the Art of Public Speaking;
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Video Journalism
Workshop; Introduction to Poetry; Renaissance Literature; American
Literature; Shakespeare; Literature and Education; Gothic and Horror; and
Children’s Literature; among others.

English Literature and/or Linguistics B.A


Students gain a solid foundation in the history and development of English and American literature, spanning the work of great canonical authors such as Shakespeare, Milton, Austen, and Dickens, as well as contemporary authors, while also aiming to develop high-level skills of analysis, critical thinking, argumentation, and self expression. The added benefit of studying at BIU is the additional exposure to the uniqueness of Jewish literature and thought.

Course Examples

Literature Academic Writing; Introduction to Fiction; Historical Background to English and American Literature; African American Literature; Literature in the Arts; Rhetoric, Persuasion, and the Media; Romantic Poetry; Literature and Education; Gothic and Horror Literature; Children’s Literature; and more.


Students learn from the world’s leading researchers in linguistics, studying both theoretical aspects of linguistics analysis and experimental and corpus-based research methods. Linguistics at BIU provides training both in deep formal theoretical models and in applied and interdisciplinary studies related to fields such as brain science, bilingualism and language impairments.

Course Examples

Linguistics Introduction to Linguistics; Phonetics and Phonology; Syntax; Semantics; First Language Acquisition; Research Methods in Linguistics; Psycholinguistics; Language Emergence and Evolution; Autism: Language, Theory of Mind, and Cognition; and Linguistics of Sign Languages; among others.

Student Services Center

The Bar-Ilan University International School’s Student Services Center provides full support to international students, and serves as a one-stop “home-away-fromhome” address to care for students’ needs.

The Center offers assistance in a variety of areas, which include handling of entry visas, registering for dormitories, scheduling of courses, guidance with health insurance, and local transportation options. In addition, field trips and social activities are organized by the Center for all students.

General Information

Tuition (Non-Israeli Citizens)
Approx NIS 14,000 / year (excl Student Service Fees)

Campus Housing Various options and rates Visit www.biuinternational.com/students/dorms

Financial Aid & Scholarships Visit www.biuinternational.com/admissions/financialaid-scholarships

Application Deadline
May 1, 2020

First Semester
October 2020

Health insurance and visa information is available on the BIU website. Both will need to be sorted out before arrival in Israel.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

BIU gives students the opportunity to enjoy an extensive academic experience in a vibrant social and cultural environment – the experience of a lifetime. Our graduates are highly sought-after and well-established in the fields of marketing, advertising, communications, public relations, journalism, government (both locally and globally), and various other related fields.

“I chose to study English literature at Bar-Ilan University because of the excellent reputation of the professors. Students receive a lot of encouragement to develop and follow their individual interests within the field, and the faculty displays an appreciation of each student’s individual background and motivations. If you’re looking for a customizable learning experience, guided by true literature enthusiasts who can help you develop a personal passion for your studies, then this is a great option.” / Tess Miller, New Jersey, US / English Literature

International School
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat Gan Israel ● 5290002