Welcome Letter

The following information applies to applicants accepted to the university only | The opening of the new academic year is October 23, 2022
We congratulate you on behalf of Bar-Ilan University and wish you success in your upcoming endeavours.
To make things a bit easier and welcoming, here is some essential information

    Take care of the down payment (deposit) through INBAR: the student’s system. You can view a tutorial for the Inbar system, as well as other essential information, here. If you encounter problems with your credit card payment, please fill out the request form here.
    A Tuition Policy Handbook can be found here. If you wish to cancel the Social Services payment, please visit here, fill out the form and submit your request to the Tuition Department via your Inbar no later than the day before the beginning of the new academic year.

    Inbar is the main student academic system, and it includes your schedule, your exams, etc. You can issue documents and sign up for your courses; in general, most students would have to complete credits of Judaic studies (or, for those who are not Jewish – general courses), as well as other courses, according to their track and degree (10 for BA, 4 for MA students). The full information will be given either by your academic department or the International School. How do I sign up for courses?

    Bar-Ilan Mobile App
    The app includes your grade list, schedule, and Academic Calendar, but most importantly – it replaces the good old Student Card and will allow you to use it as your Student ID. Here you can find a tutorial, explaining it all.

    Another system that will walk with you throughout your studies is Moodle, where you will find all the courses, including materials, videos, and assignments. All courses (English included), as well as their schedule and the syllabi, can be found in the Course Catalogue.

    Know your POC

    Visas, health insurance, IRS/FAFSA-related issues visa.intl@biu.ac.il
    Graduate and Post-Graduate (MA & Ph.D.) students ma-phd.intl@biu.ac.il
    Undergraduate and Postdoc students intl.students@biu.ac.il
    Dorms and Housing Dorms.intl@biu.ac.il
    Social life and Wellbeing students.life@biu.ac.il


    We wish you success in your new academic studies,
    The Student’s Service Office | The International School