Bar-Ilan University, Israel’s largest and fastest-growing university offers students a wide array of unique academic and social opportunities not found in any other Israeli educational institution.

Since its inception in 1955, over 100,000 students have benefited from Bar-Ilan’s exemplary academic and research facilities and from its dedication to integrating Jewish culture and tradition into all programs of study. By securing Israel’s top researchers and professors and providing students with the chance to explore their Jewish roots, Bar-Ilan University gives its students the resources and expertise to succeed in the workplace and maximize their contributions to society as educated and socially aware citizens.

Students hailing from across the world turn to Bar-Ilan ever year to study in our leading degree programs. Under the supervision and guidance of our award-winning professors, they are taught the critical-thinking and analytical skills necessary to explore their fields of interest and academic growth. Bar-Ilan University offers a wide selection of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs that are recognized globally, including a number of international degrees that are taught in English.

Jewish Tradition meets Academic Excellence

Bar-Ilan’s uniqueness lies in its dedication to imbuing its students with a deep understanding of their Jewish heritage. During their stay at Bar-Ilan, students will find immense opportunities to explore Judaism’s historic role in shaping the Jewish nation as well as its contemporary contributions and importance, both in the individual’s private and civic life in the State of Israel. Students choose from a wide range of courses in Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy, Talmud and Torah that are suited to their level of familiarity with Judaic studies. They may also take advantage of the many cultural experiences available on campus, ranging from lectures and conferences to volunteer programs.

Israel’s “Student Absorption Center”

Israel’s premier university for olim and overseas students, Bar-Ilan University has been helping new immigrants integrate into Israeli culture and its workforce since its founding in 1955. Whether studying in Hebrew or in English, foreign students gain access to large assortment of academic resources, such as extra time on exams and subsidized tutoring, and are given ample help and opportunity to join both the Israeli and international community, get campus jobs, work in the student government, and more. Also, all of our students take up to six levels of Ulpan – Hebrew Language courses, to make sure they are can live and work in Israel like a native. It’s no surprise that the Israeli government causes us the Merkaz Klita – Absorption Center – for student immigrants!

The most beautiful campus in the country!

Bar-Ilan University believes that the learning environment is just as important as important as academic excellence, and invests a great deal of effort and resources to ensure the campus is an inviting and inspirational environment. Awarded the title of “Most Beautiful Academic Campus” by the Council for a Beautiful Israel, the university is host to the most vibrant campus in country and teems with regular social events, conventions, and activities.

Additionally, thanks to its ideal geographic location, the BIU campus is easily accessible to students arriving from all regions of the country, just 20 minutes from Tel Aviv and 45 minutes to Jerusalem. With ample parking and public transportation in the area, students will find Bar-Ilan’s location to be central and accessible.

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