Information about obtaining a Student  Visa to Israel

Every incoming student arriving to Israel including post-doctoral fellows, must arrange for a student visa at the local Israeli consulate prior to arriving in Israel.

A list of Israeli consulates around the world can be found here 

Before approaching the local consulate, the candidate must obtain a letter from the university, indicating the acceptance to Bar-Ilan University, the field of studies and the exact dates of studies. This letter can be provided by the specific department or in some cases by the International School.

NOTE: The Ministry of Interior Affairs does not allow status changes (e.g. from a tourist to a student visa) for those already in Israel. Requesting such a change will require the student to leave the country and arrange the status at the local consulate, before returning to Israel under the new status.

Policy of entry into Israel during the coronavirus period

(Last updated on October 12th, 2021) 

This information is provided to us by the Israeli Ministry of Interior and may change. We recommend that you review the information about tourist and student visa on the ministry website

To download the visa application form click here

Applicant should enclose the following documents and details:
a) Acceptance letter from the Israeli university/institute selected
b) Program of study (M.A/ Post-doctoral/Summer school exchange program) etc.
c) Duration of study
d) If relevant, mention scholarship received and amount
e) Proof of stay/accommodation
f) All academic documents & copy of resume
g) Bank statement of last 4 months demonstrating financial means for covering tuition and residing in Israel
h) Proof of travel/medical insurance
i) Proof of intended travel itinerary  (not a confirmed ticket)

Information about obtaining a Researcher Visa to Israel

For departments/lecturers in BIU that are looking into inviting a guest as a researcher or as a lecturer, they may read the most updated protocol as for October 12th, 2021.

Information about extending a student visa

Visa extensions must be arranged independently at the Ramat Gan Ministry of the Interior ("Misrad Hapnim"). Payment is via credit card only, cash transactions will not be accepted. The one-time extension fee is 175 NIS and multiple entry fee is 350 NIS. Relevant forms can be found here.

Please bring all documents and your passport to the Ministry.

Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7:45-8:30

Address: Bialik 2, Ramat Gan

For any assistance regarding entry and/or extending a student visa,  please contact:

Tel: 03-738-4246

Office hours: 

  • Sunday, Tuesday: 11:30-14:00
  • Monday, Wednesday: 08:30-10:30

Visa Extension Procedure>>