Welcome to Bar-Ilan University

The Bar-Ilan International School, in cooperation with 019 Mobile, is pleased to offer you a special SIM card deal in order to make your stay in Israel as pleasant and productive as possible.

You will receive your individual SIM card at Ben-Gurion International Airport upon your arrival in Israel or as soon as you arrive at Bar-Ilan University, via the International School representative.

019 Mobile Customer Service: 055-9912345 or +19292371682

Following are details of the various options

Short-term option (Monthly Plan)


This option includes:

Unlimited calls and SMS in Israel, Unlimited mobile and landline calls to the US and Canada, and unlimited landline calls in 40 countries + 6/20/50GB Internet data for $19/$29/$39.

Long Term option (minimum of 3 months)


The option includes:

Unlimited calls and messages in Israel, unlimited mobile and landline calls to the US and Canada, and unlimited landline calls in 40 countries + 40/100 GB Internet data at prices: $8/$15.

Please note

Once you sign up for one of the options, you will receive a confirmation email. You must keep this letter and present it to the 019 MOBILE vendor at Ben-Gurion Airport in order to collect your SIM CARD after landing.

The stand is open 24 hours a day except for Shabbat. It closes on Fridays two hours before Shabbat and re-opens on Saturday two hours after Shabbat.

If you land on Shabbat, or forget to collect your SIM card from 019 Mobile, you will be able to pick it up from our office in Building 307, Room 9, Ground Floor.

After collecting the sim card, please reach out to 019 Mobile Customer Service at 055-9912345 to connect the sim card to the plan that was ordered online.

Reception hours

Sunday, Tuesday: 11: 30-14: 00

Monday, Wednesday: 08: 30-10: 30

Please make sure to choose the option most suited for you and your personal needs.

It is very important to fully unlock your mobile phone (not just GSM unlocked) before you come to Israel (most mobile phones are locked for use abroad).

Those who need to rent a cellphone for use in Israel are responsible for returning it to Ben-Gurion Airport. Cellphones are NOT delivered to Bar-Ilan. Therefore, it is best NOT to rent one as you will have to return it by yourself to the airport when you no longer need it. You can either bring a spare “unlocked” phone with you or add an Israeli SIM card to your “fully unlocked” phone.

Email us for further information:
[email protected]

Tel: 03-738-4246

Office hours
Sunday, Tuesday: 11:30-14:00
Monday, Wednesday: 08:30-10:30