The length of the semester is 13 weeks and three additional weeks devoted to examinations.

A class session lasts 45 minutes. One hour represents at least one period of lecture / recitation / seminar 2-3 periods of laboratory work per week for one semester.

One hour represents one “credit-hour” for all lecture courses. Each hour represents ½ “credit-hour” for all laboratory courses.

Grade Key:

Grades from 1968 To Present:

A+ -96-100%

A    -86-95%

B     -76-85%

C     -66-75%

D     -60-65%

F      -Failed

Aud- Auditor

Ex em pt- Exempt

Inc- Incomplete

NC-  No college credit granted

P- Passed

W- Withdrew

WF-Dropped by student and assigned grade F

X   -Pending

S    – Summer