Hebrew Proficiency for Foreign Students and New Immigrants (Olim Chadashim)

All students who plan to study in Hebrew at Bar-Ilan University have to take a Hebrew proficiency test. Until COVID-19, potential students had to travel to the campus to take the YAEL test, but in light of the current situation, our requirements have changed – at least for the next academic year.

Bar-Ilan’s International School has now arranged an alternative.  In collaboration with the Department of Hebrew, the Hebrew proficiency test has been created as an online test, which students can take via Zoom while being supervised by someone from the International School.

The test includes comprehension, understanding, and general vocabulary. This is not an easy test as it’s important to make sure the level is good enough to cope with degrees studies. In order to be allowed to register for a program that is taught in Hebrew at the university, students have to pass the online test with at least 71%.

This complies with the conditions of level D and admission to level E (corresponding to a score of 85 in the YAEL test).

You will have to take another, more comprehensive test when you arrive in Israel, but this test will get you through the first round, enabling you to understand and plan your future options from distance.

Please Note: This online test is only applicable for the 2020/2021 academic year.

If you’d like to find out more about the Hebrew Proficiency Test, please email Bar-Ilan’s International School on Intl.info@biu.ac.il.

  • Submit the Application

    Log in to the BIUInternational Online Applicant Portal, and fill out your application form.
    You are required to pay a non-refundable, ₪ 458 application fee each time you apply.

  • Send Transcripts & Diplomas

    Applicants must send in official copies of their transcripts and their high school diploma/ matriculation certificate. Students in their final year of studies may send in a partial transcript, and be accepted pending receipt of their final transcript and diploma.
    While the decision process may be expedited by uploading digital copies of the required documents in the Applicant Portal, original copies must be mailed to our office directly.

  • Send Test Scores

    Scores from SAT, ACT, or Psychometric, are required for admission, and must be sent directly from the testing agency. Students who have taken the same exam multiple times, will have only their best scores considered.

  • Upload ID & Passport Photo

    Applicants must upload or email a photocopy of the first page of their Passport or Teudat Zehut, and a recent, 2"x2", passport-sized photo of themselves.