Last update: July 11, 2021

New Restrictions Regarding the Entry of Foreigners into Israel

The Minister of the interior has decided that until further notice the entry of foreigners into Israel will not be possible.

Students who have already received an entry permit to Israel will be allowed to enter the country; however, upon landing, they will have to enter quarantine in one of the designated Corona hotels. This will probably be at the expense of the student. Please confirm this before you arrive.

if you are vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, you may take a serology test. If you were tested positive you may leave quarantine early. With confirmation from the Ministry of Health.

Students (A2, and their families, A4) who were in Israel in 2020, but went abroad for a short period of up to 10 days, will be allowed to enter Israel. If you are one of these students, please contact Amit Amsalem from the International School at and she will provide information on what to do when you arrive.

Experts (B1): The entry of experts will be approved; however, the number of entrants will be reduced to the minimum number necessary on the recommendation of the relevant government ministry – with the approval of the Ministry of Health and the Foreign Workers Administration.

Entry is prohibited from Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico, Russia, and Argentina, even with an entry permit.
This decision is based on the concern about the spread of the Coronavirus mutation that was discovered in these three countries. Other countries may be added to this list in the future or taken off from the list. Please keep checking to make sure yours is not on the list.
It is yet to be known when the next discussion on the new regulations will take place soon.

Israelis Please Note: You should be aware that students or family members who have Israeli passports will also be required to self-isolate for 2 weeks. Or you may take a serology test if you are vaccinated and finish quarantine early.

Hybrid Learning at Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University has put together a fun and entertaining video to let students know how learning is taking place in the new hybrid format during this period. Enjoy this creative video.

Coping with Covid-19

BIU Research about COVID-19

COVID-19 & BIU International Students 

This page contains advice for international students at Bar-Ilan University on novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Throughout these challenging times, we are here in order to help you. On this page, we will provide relevant updates and the latest information on the situation from the Ministry of Health as it relates to Israel and Bar-Ilan.

Your physical and emotional health is important to us. We are here to support you throughout this time!

Below are links for the updated information, as well as links for how to remain connected with the International School Team and other international students.

Wishing you and your family the best of health,

BIU International School Team

Israel Ministry of Health Updated Guidelines

*It’s important to note that a violation can lead to a high fine or even a prison sentence

Bar-Ilan University Statements

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Emotional Support During Corona

Travel & Visas 

Currently, all visas are extended through June 30th, 2020

This decision applies to anyone holding visas: A5 (temporary residents), B1 general (work visa and general), A1 (provisional status for eligible students), A2 (students) and yeshiva students, A3 clerics, A4 (ancillary not 2 or 3)

Minister Deri: During this difficult time, it is not appropriate for the public to find itself unanswered and therefore I have announced that the extension of these visa holders will be done automatically without having to go to the bureaus.

Students Living on Campus

As per the new guidelines going into effect July 4th 2021

The campus is not completely closed but will only allow entry and exit from these gates, upon presentation of ID:

Car Gate 1 – Free entry and exit

Gate 2- open until 8 pm

Gate 25 – open until 18:30

Gate 30 – open until 22:00

Gates 5, 40, 20 are closed

Please note that there may be changes, we will be in continuous contact with the university security and we will update you.

If there are questions about academic matters or need to attend the laboratory, this should be coordinated directly with your academic supervisor.

If there is a safety or health emergency, call the Security Emergency 03-5317777

If there are dormitory related issues, contact 03-7364867,


For medical questions about the disease or possible exposure, call Magen David Adom Emergency Services Hotline – dial 101.

For questions about home isolation and general questions about the novel coronavirus, call the Ministry of Health Hotline *5400 (08:00-23:00) or HMO Hotlines: Clalit *2700, Maccabi *3555, Meuhedet *3833, Leumit *507.

FAQs at BIU during this time – Click here

To reach out for any questions, comments, or concerns: 

Hadar Giat, Coordinator of Student Affairs & Well-being

To stay connected with other international students and the International School Team:

Whatsapp group for all international students-

Whatsapp group for international students living on campus-

International School Activities