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February 17, 2021

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10:00 / 19:00 (Israel GMT+2)

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Find out how the game will work

We will welcome you to our Escape Zoom and explain the game to you.

Exercise your brain

Our experts will give you a few test questions to warm you up for the challenge.

Move to your private room

Each participant will enter a private room in order to join the fun.

Solve the riddles

Follow the instructions to unravel the clues and escape. You have 15 minutes.

Find out who won the game

Find out who won the game

Listen to the Brain Sciences presentation

Our experts will tell you about our Brain Sciences department and what you can expect.

Escape Zoom Overview

Our Brain Sciences program is designed for people with high abilities and creative thinking skills. Applicants who register for this entertaining, interactive open day will be admitted to their own room during the Zoom session and will have to solve five riddles with topics related to the field of neuroscience – in 15 minutes.

Use your knowledge, education, creativity, and all quadrants of your brain to escape the room.

The idea is to move from one part of the brain to the other until you’ve used all four lobes of your brain to find the correct combination of the code.

Join this incredible adventure into the brain and show us where your intellectual capacity lies.

MSc and PhD in Brain Sciences

The Center for Brain Research at Bar-Ilan University was established in 2003 and contains more than 40 leading brain researchers in the fields of Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, Psychology, Linguistics, and Math. Our researchers are at the forefront of brain research and, on a daily basis, create new frontiers in brain research. They are the ones who make our department the best in the country for Master’s and Doctoral studies.

By studying for a Master’s or Doctorate with us, you will benefit from multidisciplinary training in many areas of study, as well as varied research methods. You will be exposed to state-of-the-art laboratories, which deal with both basic science and clinical studies in brain science. The research experience that you will gain from us will make you extremely desirable in the job market and will set you on a successful career path for life.

* Only students with a GPA of 85 and above in the fields of Life Sciences, Computer Science, Psychology, Math, Engineering, Occupational Therapy, Attention Disorders, and Physiotherapy are accepted into the graduate and postgraduate Brain Sciences programs.



FEB 17, 2021