International School News

May 2022

Top Israeli and Czech Republic Institutions Share Medical Expertise

Six researchers and physician-scientists from Bar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, the Galilee Medical Center, and the Poriya Medical Center, visited the Czech Republic from April 24-27 to share research in their fields and promote mutual academic collaboration with their counterparts at Palacký University (UP) Olomouc’s Faculty of Medicine. Read More.

BIU Support for Ukrainians Reaps Rewards

Bar-Ilan University’s offer to help researchers, lecturers, and students from Ukraine to continue learning, exploring, and developing their research, work, and studies at BIU has attracted many requests as well as a surprise request from a current BIU Master’s student to assist the Ukrainian Math Olympiad team. Read More.

SELA High School Graduates Visit Bar-Ilan University

About 40 high school graduates from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan visited Bar-Ilan University (BIU) last month to find out more about the different faculties, departments, and degree options offered by the university. The students are part of the SELA program, a Jewish Agency initiative for young olim (immigrants) aged 17-21 from the Former Soviet Union, who come to Israel alone or before their families and plan to continue their higher education in the country. Read More.

Anastasiia Kolesnichenko: A Personal Story

Anastasiia Kolesnichenko, an undergraduate student from Russia, speaks about her personal journey and why she ended up studying at Bar-Ilan University (BIU), first online and then in person. Kolesnichenko also mentions why she loves BIU, Israel, the people, the food, and the culture. Read her story here.

April’s Activities at Bar-Ilan University

Every month, Bar-Ilan University’s International School arranges various events for its international students. Two very important Jewish holidays took place in April and were marked by the International School. At the end of the month, a memorial event to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Hashoah) took place, and before the Passover (Pesach) break during which the university was closed, a Passover Seder (meal) was arranged. Read about the Holocaust Memorial Day event here and the Passover Seder here.

Upcoming Events in May

Student social activities are part of the thrilling experience of being a Bar-Ilan University student and BIU’s International School arranges a variety of events to celebrate or commemorate holidays, introduce everyone to Israeli life, culture, community, and attractions, or simply have fun on campus. These are just some of the events taking place this month. Read More.

Bar-Ilan University to Exhibit at NAFSA 2022

Bar-Ilan University’s International School will be exhibiting within Israel’s Council of Higher Education-Study in Israel stand at the NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado, US, from May 31 to June 3. Read More.

April 2022

April Holiday Greetings from BIU’s International School

Bar-Ilan University offers support for Ukrainians

Bar-Ilan University embraces and welcomes all students, lecturers, and researchers from Ukraine and offers special assistance for those in need. In addition, BIU’s International School offers support for current Ukrainian students struggling with the situation. Read More.

NANOSCALE2022 Annual Symposium

Bar-Ilan University in Israel and the Université Paris Cité in France have joined forces once again to bring NANOSCALE2022 to fruition. The annual symposium, which is being organized by Dr. Martin Oheim from SPPIN, the Saints-Pères Paris Institute for the Neurosciences, and Prof. Adi Salomon from Bar-Ilan’s Department of Chemistry and BINA, the Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, will take place in English at the Université Paris Cité from April 6-8, 2022. Read More.

Bar-Ilan University Celebrates Women’s Month

Bar-Ilan University celebrated International Women’s Day and Women’s Month in a variety of ways last month, two of which include the International School’s event on the status of women in Israel and internationally, and BIU’s announcement that it would award honorary doctorate degrees to eight influential women this year. BIU’s own female researchers have made interesting discoveries and achieved recognition for their work. In addition, the university has played an instrumental role in Israel’s request to join the Istanbul Convention. Read More.

March Madness at Bar-Ilan University

There was no shortage of festivities and activities arranged by Bar-Ilan University’s International School on campus this past month. The entertaining social events included a party to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim; a fun day to celebrate the Hindu Holi festival; the orientation event for our incoming student exchange program; and the opening of the spring semester. Read More.

March 2022

Abraham Accords Continue to Bear Fruit

Bar-Ilan University welcomed Bahrain’s first-ever envoy to Israel, H.E. Khaled Yousif al-Jalahma, Ambassador of Bahrain, in February 2022. During the visit, the Ambassador met with Bar-Ilan University’s President, Prof. Arie Zaban, senior members of the university administration, International School executives, heads of departments, and researchers from a variety of disciplines. Read More.

BINA Conference Connects Scientists and Researchers

Bar-Ilan University’s Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) held its internal annual conference in Haifa in February 2022. It was the first in-person conference held since the start of the COVID pandemic. There were around 300 participants from Bar-Ilan, including researchers, students, and staff. Faculties and departments represented included Engineering, Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics, among others. Read More.

An International Tale of Connections

A surprise meeting proving the “six degrees of separation” theory took place at Bar-Ilan University in February when the Ambassador of Bahrain to Israel visited the campus. This experience shows how closely connected we all are in the grand scheme of things. Read More.

Bar-Ilan Among Few Israeli Universities at French Fairs

In-person higher education fairs are slowly returning to the world stage and Bar-Ilan University’s International School participated successfully in the French fairs organized by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) in February 2022. Read More.

Celebrating the Chinese Year of the Tiger

BIU’s International School celebrated the Chinese New Year with its Chinese students, other international students, and staff on February 1, 2022. Mr. Sun Pengcheng, the First Secretary of Education Affairs in the Chinese Embassy’s Culture and Education Office, was the special guest speaker. Read More.


January/February 2022

Kazakhstan Ambassador Visits Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University’s president, Prof. Arie Zaban, deputy president, Prof. Moshe Lewenstein, and the International School hosted H.E. Satybaldy Burshakov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Israel, and Ms. Madina Taushkenova, 2nd Secretary of the Embassy of Kazakhstan, at the university recently. Read More.

Open Yourself to a World of Opportunity

Student exchange and study-abroad programs provide students with the opportunity to experience a new country, culture, and customs, and see life from a different perspective. You’ll be able to participate in local activities, make lifelong friends with students from your host country as well as other students from all over the world. You’ll learn about the history, politics, and people, and be able to explore a country other than your own while learning a new language. Read More.

Bar-Ilan University Opens Applications for 2022-2023

We are now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year! This is your chance to apply early and benefit from an early response – so don’t delay. Apply now! We will also be hosting two Open Days on February 18 and 20 – in-person (COVID-19 regulations permitting) and online – for anyone interested in finding out more about our top-notch degrees. Read More.

יום פתוח

Open Day: Last Chance for 2022 International MBA

Bar-Ilan University’s next International MBA program begins on March 7, 2022. We have very few slots left so, if you’re interested, please apply soon – and join us for our final Open Day event to get answers to all your questions. It takes place on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, at 19:00 (Israel time: GMT+2). Email us to register for our Open Day or to find out more about our program.

Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program for Postdoctoral Scholars at BIU

Bar-Ilan University and The Zuckerman Institute are calling for nominations for postdoctoral scholars from North America for the Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program 2022-2023. The deadline is March 31, 2022, so don’t delay your application! Read More.

WZO & BIU Launch International High School Hebrew Program for Credit

The Department of Hebrew and Culture at the World Zionist Organization and Bar-Ilan University announced a new partnership that will boost Hebrew language learning around the world. Known as “The International Hebrew Exam”, the project aims to enrich Hebrew language and culture studies for Jewish high school students worldwide by building an international community of young adults who are passionate about Israel. Read More.

Ringing in the New Year

Bar-Ilan University’s International School hosted a New Year’s Eve party for all international students to celebrate the arrival of 2022. As with all social functions arranged by the International School, the music, dancing, and food were enjoyed by everyone. We’d like to wish everyone a belated happy New Year. We hope the year ahead fulfills all your dreams and that you’re able to achieve your goals. We look forward to welcoming you at Bar-Ilan University in the near future. Check out the photos.


December 2021

Reflections of a Year of Change

As the clocks struck midnight on December 31, 2020, and celebrations everywhere ushered in the New Year, Israel was optimistic about 2021. A Coronavirus vaccine was finally available and the Israeli government was determined to ensure Israel was one of the first countries in the world to vaccinate its people and get the country back on track. Read more.



Bar-Ilan Sole Israeli University to Benefit from €4.5m EU Grant for Joint MSc in Cheminformatics

Bar-Ilan University is part of a consortium of 10 universities – nine in Europe and one in Israel – to win a €4.5m Erasmus+ grant for the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree in Chemoinformatics. The EU’s highly sought-after Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) grant will be spread over a six-year period, providing scholarships to hundreds of students from all over Europe and Israel for the international program. This is the first time since 2012 that an Israeli university has been included in an EMJMD grant. Read More.



North American High-School Students Experience Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University’s International School took high-school students in North America on a virtual journey of possibilities for their university experience during the past month. Virtual meetings with more than 30 leading Jewish high schools throughout the United States and Canada were arranged. During these information sessions, information regarding Bar-Ilan’s undergraduate degree programs offered in English and Hebrew was shared as well as additional initiatives of the university. Read More.



International School: Student Life on Campus

Bar-Ilan University’s International School creates and hosts a variety of social and learning activities for international students throughout the academic year. These include celebrating religious and cultural holidays in all faiths, holding memorial events, and teaching students about Israeli holidays and Jewish customs. Read More.



BIU’s International MBA Virtual Open Day

BIU’s International MBA program is a very popular choice for international students, with our alumni coming from countries all over the world. BIU’s International School and Graduate School of Business Administration are hosting a virtual online session about the IMBA program, which is taught entirely in English, on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. Read More.



BIU Launches Unique Diabetes Initiative

ספרהBar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine and The Russell Berrie Foundation have launched The Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERE, a comprehensive program designed to transform diabetes care in Israel’s socioeconomically disadvantaged northern Galilee region while simultaneously spurring innovations in diabetes treatment and prevention that can be applied around the world. Read More.



Historic Week at Bar-Ilan University

amiriHistory was made in November at Bar-Ilan as the University welcomed delegations from Morocco and the United Arab Emirates to campus – a dream that prior to the recent signing of the Abraham Accords would never have been possible. This article covers the visit from the UAE Ministry of Education while the next article covers the Moroccan visit. Read More.



A Time for Peace

dahanBar-Ilan University (BIU) hosted a delegation from Morocco for an event titled “Culture and Hebrew Law in Morocco”. During this event, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between BIU’s Aharon and Rachel Dahan Center for Culture, Society and Education in the Sephardic Heritage and the Center for Studies and Research on Hebraic Law in Essaouira, Morocco. This collaboration was made possible by the realization of the historic Abraham Accords. Read More.



November 2021

A Decade of Change in the Galilee: The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine

This year, Bar-Ilan University celebrates 10 years since the official opening of its Faculty of Medicine on October 30, 2011. The words of then Israeli President Shimon Peres z”l at the historic opening couldn’t have been more prophetic… Read More.





Helping International Students Navigate Life on Campus and in Israel

Moving to a new country has its challenges. Moving to a new country to advance your education and enhance your career path through doctoral or postdoctoral research has additional challenges… The International School is here to make sure students get the help they need. Read More.




The Impact of International Research Teams

Dr. Evan Elliott was one of the first faculty members to join Bar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in Safed (Tsfat) in 2011. Armed with a PhD and postdoctoral research in Neuroscience from the Weizmann Institute of Science in the center of Israel, he moved north to share in the dream of building a new, innovative, much-needed medical school in the Galilee. Read More.




Online Hebrew Course

Always wanted to learn Hebrew, but can’t find a class nearby? Moving to Israel for work or to study and you want to start learning before you arrive? Making Aliyah (immigrating) and want the process to be eased by having knowledge of the language? Join Bar-Ilan University’s “Ulpan Ivrit Online” – Hebrew language classes via Zoom. Read More.



New Dorms Opened at Bar-Ilan

hashakaTwo new, state-of-the-art dormitory towers on Bar-Ilan University’s Ramat Gan campus were officially opened at an event marking the occasion during the university’s orientation week in October. Bar-Ilan’s dorms are highly in demand each year, so the new towers are a welcome addition to campus. Currently, there are 1,720 students from about 60 countries living in our dorms. Read More.



October 2021

BIU International School’s Red-Carpet Welcome

As most of you know, September was a very quiet month in Israel. The many Jewish holidays that took place meant that Bar-Ilan University and the International School were closed for most of it. This was quite a challenge for us considering the university was officially opening the 2021-2022 academic year on October 10 and we had hundreds of students to help through the beginning of their Bar-Ilan journey, whether it was sorting out visas, health insurance, or accommodation, or making sure their arrivals and start to the year went smoothly. Read More


A Royal Welcome for our International Students

Prof. Moshe Lewenstein, Deputy President of Bar-Ilan University, was one of a skeleton staff who came to work every day for the past 18 months, a time when there were often very few people on campus. He opened the International School’s Red Carpet Orientation Day with a popular sentiment. “For me, it’s a wonderful day, and it’s a wonderful day because it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve come to campus and it’s full of students.” Read More



BIU Partnership with Palacký University Signed and Sealed

The Czech Republic is regarded today as one of Israel’s closest allies. Our history intersects in various ways, which has led to a warm relationship between the two countries over the years. This close connection has resulted in many collaborations, not least of which is the recent academic partnership that has been forged between Bar-Ilan University and Palacký University Olomouc. Read More



September 2021

Jewish New Year and Other Important Holidays

Bar-Ilan University’s International School would like to wish all its Jewish readers a Shana Tovah u’Metuka (a good, sweet year), well over the Fast, and Chag Sameach (happy holidays) for Sukkot and Simchat Torah. Read More





Unique Joint Master’s in Brain and Data Science Launched

Bar-Ilan University’s Gonda (Goldschmied) Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center and the University of Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) have joined forces to provide an exciting and innovative Joint MSc in Brain and Data Science. Read More.



Establishing International Connections

Bar-Ilan University’s International School hosts a variety of dignitaries from Israel and abroad on a regular basis. Visitors have included Israeli Ambassadors to other countries, Ambassadors in Israel from many different countries, cultural attachés, visiting professors, and more. These visits enable the university to create connections with academic institutions all over the world and arrange partnerships and collaborations with these institutions. Read More.



Archaeologists and Volunteers Dance to Jerusalema in Honor of 25th Anniversary

Every summer, for the past 25 years, a large group of students, researchers, and volunteers from Israel and abroad has been excavating at the archaeological site of Tell-es-Safi/Gath, situated between the Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Beit Shemesh. Read More.



August 2021

Gaining Global Experience at Bar-Ilan University

Studying abroad helps students learn new languages, appreciate other cultures, overcome the challenges of living in another country, and gain a greater understanding of the world while becoming more independent and self-sufficient. Read Article




Building Bridges Between Countries

Bar-Ilan University’s International School arranges visits and hosts ambassadors and other dignitaries from all over the world on a regular basis. These visits are a great opportunity for international visitors to see BIU’s beautiful campus, but more importantly, to meet professors, researchers, and students in our different faculties and departments. Read Article.



Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Graduation and Awards

Bar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine held its end-of-year graduation ceremony and annual conference on Translational Recent recently. Two of the international students stood out – one who graduated with a PhD and one who received a special award for her research poster. Read Article



Excellence Fellowship Program for International Postdoctoral Researchers

Israel’s Council for Higher Education and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities have announced the call for the “Excellence Fellowship Program for International Postdoctoral Researchers in Israel”. The application deadline is October 1, 2021. Read Article




July 2021

Bar-Ilan and Unistra Launch Joint Master’s Degree in Chemoinformatics

Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel, and the University of Strasbourg in France have signed an agreement to offer the first-ever joint MSc in Chemoinformatics between an Israeli and French university. It is also the first-ever joint Master’s degree with an international university that Bar-Ilan University has established. Read Article



Sandwich Scholarship for PhD Students – Deadline Extended!

Israel’s Council for Higher Education has extended the deadline for the PhD Sandwich Scholarship Program for 2021. The new deadline is July 30, 2021, and we encourage doctoral students who are finishing their first year of their program to apply as soon as possible. Bar-Ilan University has proudly supported Sandwich Scholars over the years and we would like to see more PhD students applying for the 2021-2022 Sandwich Program at Bar-Ilan. Read Article


June Online Events at Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University’s International School hosted a variety of interesting and successful virtual open days and information sessions for potential students from around the world over the past month. The numerous sessions kept everyone busy and connected, some of which were recorded for students who couldn’t attend. Read Article 



June 2021

New! Religious and Middle Eastern Politics: Online Master’s Program

Aristotle believed that man is naturally a political animal because he is a social being with the power of speech and moral reasoning. We also have the ability to learn, to gain knowledge, and to persuade others to our way of thinking – whether reasonable or not, whether based on fact or faith. Find out how you can explore your inner political animal with our new MA in Religious and Middle Eastern Politics. Read Article.


Still Undecided About Your Future? BIU Will Inspire You!

Many reasons exist for you to choose Bar-Ilan University as the next step on your journey. We are consistently ranked in the top 2% of all universities throughout the world, according to the Shanghai World Ranking. Our academic excellence is the result of our prize-winning professors and lecturers, who are recognized internationally for their academic achievements and lead significant advancements in research in their fields. Read About Our Upcoming Events.



May 2021

Looking Back While Forging Ahead


Message from Prof. Moshe Lewenstein, BIU Deputy President

Bar-Ilan University’s student body has changed substantially over the past three years. In addition to the traditional Israeli students, we now have international students from around 60 countries who participate in student life on campus in a variety of ways, including studying and conducting research together. Living on campus has also created new student interactions, which have enabled connections that have enhanced the lives of all students. Read Article.

Creating Impact Through Globalization

When Bar-Ilan University’s new administration was elected in October 2017, globalization and internationalism became two of the driving forces behind the university’s five “Visionary Pillars” – Academic Excellence, Impact-Driven Research, Innovative Teaching, Global University, and Vibrant Judaism. Read Article.



Increasing Our Competitive Edge

New developments and initiatives have been taking place at Bar-Ilan University’s International School over the past few months. Having achieved so many of their goals since the school’s formation in May 2018, executive director, Ofer Dahan, and Academic head, Prof. Rachel Dekel, with the support of BIU’s deputy president, Prof. Moshe Lewenstein, are shifting focus slightly to build on the strong foundation. Read Article.


Ancient Greece and Rome: A Trip Back in Time

Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Classical Studies in the Faculty of Humanities is dedicated to the teaching and critical study of all aspects of ancient Greece and Rome. Study in the department imparts tools for linguistic, historical, archaeological, literary, and culturally-sensitive approaches to the ancient world. Read Article.


Individual Zoom Meetings, Open Day, and Summer Archaeological Excavation

Each month, Bar-Ilan University hosts a variety of webinars, info sessions, and open days. We have a calendar on our website that will keep you informed about these events and provides a registration link for each session. Feel free to check the calendar at regular intervals to find an event that is relevant to you. Read Article.


April Events: Physics, Brain Sciences, and Undergraduate Degrees

Last month’s virtual information sessions were varied and interesting for all participants. These are just some of the events that took place. Read Article.


Celebrating Indian Holi Festival on Campus

Bar-Ilan University’s International School celebrated Indian Holi with students from both BIU’s main campus in Ramat Gan and it’s Faculty of Medicine in Safed. Ms. Rakhee Mayuri, the first secretary of the Embassy of India in Israel, was an honored guest at the event. She was joined by Prof. Moshe Lewenstein, BIU’s deputy president, staff from the International School, Indian and other international students, and Israeli students. Read Article.


Hebrew Bible Connects Israel and South Korea

Dr. ShinAe Kim, Adjunct Professor at the Methodist Theological University in Seoul, South Korea, hosted a special three-part Bible Studies lecture series in collaboration with Bar-Ilan University’s Bible Department and the International School last month. Read Article.




April 2021

Excitement as Students Return to Campus

Message from Ofer Dahan, Executive Director, BIU International School

March was a busy month for Bar-Ilan University faculty and staff as we prepared for the next phase of learning on campus that will take place this month.

On Monday, April 5, after the Passover holidays, we will welcome students once again for face-to-face, in-person learning in classrooms and laboratories combined with virtual lectures for those who can’t return to the university. Read Article.

Unique New Degree Offered at Bar-Ilan University

Jewish Studies encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, which combines aspects of Jewish history from ancient to modern times; Jewish literature and linguistics in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, and the other Judaic languages; Judaism, the religion; Jewish thought, theology, philosophy, and mysticism; Bible and biblical interpretation, rabbinic literature and culture, Sephardic and Mizrachi Jews, Holocaust Studies, Israel Studies; Jewish politics; the Jewish arts; archaeology; sociology; and more.

However, when it comes to choosing what to study as an undergraduate student from this vast range of choices, most programs are limited to specific departments and one or two majors, and very few cross over between the different departments – until now. Read Article.

Israel: From Innovation Nation to VacciNATION

Bar-Ilan University’s International School hosted its second annual Attachés’ Conference in March. The event focused on Israel’s experience with, and response to, COVID-19, an unwavering vaccination strategy and its implementation, and a look at what lies ahead. Read Article.

Upcoming Events

Each month, Bar-Ilan University hosts a variety of webinars, info sessions, and open days. This month, we have an exciting lecture series with Bar-Ilan University’s Bible Department, and interesting information sessions on our undergraduate degrees and the MSc in Physics. Read Article.


Erasmus+ Multinational Projects and Partnerships

The European Union’s program for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport, known as Erasmus+ (or Erasmus Plus), offers opportunities for international cooperation across these four sectors to foster cooperation and bridge the worlds of education and work to tackle the skills gaps we are facing.

This month, we will focus on the various Erasmus+ projects and partnerships that enable Bar-Ilan University to collaborate with international universities and organizations. They include various Capacity-Building Projects, a Strategic Partnership, and a Jean Monnet Center for Excellence. Read Article.


March 2021

ErasmusPlus: An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Message from Daniel Schuval, Director of Academic Partnerships and Projects, Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

Bar-Ilan University’s International School has been an active partner in Erasmus+ since 2014. This program is the European Union’s premier initiative to support education and training through various projects between the universities in partner countries. These include the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) or Student Mobility (exchange) program, Capacity-Building Projects (CBP), Strategic Partnerships, and more. Read Article



Taking Exchange Programs into the Future

The Erasmus program is a European Union (EU) exchange program established in 1987. Ever since the first year, when 3,200 students from 11 European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and United Kingdom) participated, the program has been evolving constantly. Read More



Coming Soon: Physics Open Day and Other Events

Bar-Ilan University has exciting online events this month. One of these focuses on our MSc in Physics. Our representatives in India have arranged a special event to promote the English MSc in Physics program especially to Indian students, although potential students from other countries are welcome to participate. Find out more about this and other events in this article. Read More



February Events: Escape Zoom & Summer Program

As usual, February was a busy month with some exciting events taking place. We can’t tell you about everything, so we’ll just talk about two of the larger and more entertaining ones. Read More 



In the Spirit of Innovation

True to its vision of influence and spirit of innovation, Bar-Ilan University’s contribution doesn’t stop with scientific discovery – it extends to entrepreneurship as well.

Many of the university’s initiatives come from Bar-Ilan’s Entrepreneurship Center, which is designed to connect academia and industry, creating an atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation. Read More


Bar-Ilan University’s Attachés’ Conference 2021

Bar-Ilan University’s International School will host an online panel discussion with medical experts from Bar-Ilan and Meuhedet Health Fund at its second annual Attachés Conference. The theme: Israel’s experience with and response to COVID-19, an unwavering vaccination strategy and its implementation, and a look at what lies ahead. Read More




Study in Israel: Bar-Ilan University – CHE Magazine: February 2021

Earlier this year, the Council for Higher Education in Israel published a magazine called “Israeli Academia: Study in Israel”.

Bar-Ilan University was featured in the publication. Three articles were published. The first talks about new developments in the Bible Department and the overlap between the MA in Biblical Studies and the MA in Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology. The second article mentions Alzheimer’s research at BIU’s Azrieli School of Medicine and the third covers innovation at BIU. You can read the article here.


February 2021


Dynamic, Pioneering, and Forward-Thinking

Message from Prof. Rachel Dekel, Academic Head, BIU International School

Bar-Ilan University is always changing, developing, and growing. At the International School, we are constantly finding ways to increase the options for international students and immigrants to provide them with exciting opportunities to study in Israel, including new graduate degrees that are taught in English. Read Article

New English Master’s in Jewish Philosophy

Bar-Ilan University’s International School and the Department of Jewish Philosophy in the Faculty of Jewish Studies have launched a new Master of Arts in Jewish Philosophy, which will be taught entirely in English. The first program will start in October this year. Read Article

First-of-its-Kind Academic Collaboration with UAE

Bar-Ilan University has signed an agreement for collaboration with the UAE’s Gulf Medical University to promote medical research and improve public health in Israel and throughout the Middle East. Read Article.



Sharing Knowledge Opens Up Possibilities

A well-timed trip to Israel in February 2020 has resulted in yet another successful collaboration for Bar-Ilan University (BIU), this time with Regent University (RU), a private Christian institution in Virginia Beach, Virginia, US. Read Article



Escape Zoom: Take Your Brain on a Journey

Bar-Ilan University’s International School and the Leslie and Susan Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center are hosting the first-ever Escape Zoom at BIU. Read Article



February Events @ Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University has some exciting online events happening this month. There will be a variety of open days hosted by the International School and the various country representatives, including our first-ever Escape Zoom, which was covered earlier in this newsletter. Read Article



December and January Events @ Bar-Ilan University

Over the past two months, BIU’s International School held several online information sessions in a variety of different fields. Some of these events were aimed at potential students from specific countries, while others were open to all. Read Article


December 2020


Celebrating our Graduates


Message from Prof. Moshe Lewenstein, Deputy President, Bar-Ilan University

Reaching the level of doctorate is quite a feat in anyone’s book. After years of studying and research, to finally have achieved such a goal is remarkable and something of which to be incredibly proud. Read Article


Last Chance to Register for Online Hebrew Course

Bar-Ilan University’s new “Online Hebrew Course for Beginners” got off to a successful start last week. The program, which is the first of its kind for the university, is being offered by the International School and the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Languages. Read Article

A Journey of Discovery – Class of 2020

A doctoral graduation ceremony marks the culmination of a long and challenging period of study, original thinking, and research, and therefore, it is an especially important and exciting event for the graduates. Read Article

Sharing Expertise on a Global Scale

Collaboration between universities has never been easier, and now more than ever, it has become customary to form global partnerships and foster relationships with other universities.

Due to advances in technology and unhindered communication channels, universities are making the most of the opportunities to connect faculty and students in ways that were not as popular before the Coronavirus pandemic halted international travel. Read Article

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Scholarships for 2021-2022

Various scholarship opportunities are available for potential Bar-Ilan University students. This month, we focus on two scholarships – the Sandwich Scholarship Program for current doctoral students and the Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program for postdoctoral students. Read Article

December Events @ Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University has some exciting online events and webinars happening in December. There will be a variety of open days hosted by the International School and the various country representatives, and a series of webinars hosted by UnBox Ventures, BIU’s incubator for researchers and entrepreneurs. Read Article

November Events @ Bar-Ilan University

November was a busy month socially for our International Students. With weekly coffee-time get-togethers online and in-person, Diwali celebrations, Thanksgiving dinners, and more, the students are making the most of their campus social lives. COVID-19 regulations are followed at all events. Read Article



November 2020


A Sign of the Times

Message from Dafi Forer-Kremer, Director of Marketing and Recruitment, International School

Deciding on where to study is a dilemma that many young people have faced throughout the ages due to the huge number of choices. Some visited all the open days on campuses on their lists, if they were able, while others would take the chance based on reputation or word of mouth – and many emails back and forth between them and the chosen university and faculty.
Read Article

New at BIU: Online Hebrew Course for Beginners

Bar-Ilan University’s International School and the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Languages are launching “Hebrew Ulpan Online” – a Hebrew language course for beginners via Zoom – starting on November 25, 2020 and running until June 2021.
Read Article

A Matter of Skill and Preparation

Ruthy Salomon has been busier than ever since the Coronavirus pandemic first hit our shores. In the beginning, she was worried about how the situation would impact her business as many of her training sessions took place face-to-face. However, within a month, her online business had skyrocketed.

Read Article

November Events @ BIU’s International School

Bar-Ilan University’s International School is participating in some exciting online sessions focused on specific countries – China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan on November 8; Brazil, also on November 8; and Kazakhstan on November 21.
Read Article

October Online Events at Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University’s International School has been hosting a variety of interesting and successful virtual open days and information sessions for potential students from around the world. October was a busy month and the numerous sessions kept everyone busy and connected, some of which were recorded for students who weren’t able to attend.
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Catching Up With Our International Representatives

Bar-Ilan University International School’s experts help us spread the word about Bar-Ilan and recruit potential students. In this article, we learn about Divya Shevale from Zista Education in India and find out what she has been doing to bring the world closer to Bar-Ilan University.
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Meet our Students, Alumni, and Faculty

Bar-Ilan University’s Communications team publishes articles on current students, alumni, and faculty members on a regular basis. This month, we’re featuring two current students, two alumni, and a professor.
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October 2020


Stepping into a New World

Message from Merav Gilad, Director: International Student Services and Affairs
Starting a new academic year is an exciting time for everyone, whether students, lecturers, or staff members – and even parents. As students, this is the chance to grab hold of your dreams and mold them into a reality that will enable you to reach your goals. It is also one of the most valuable and entertaining experiences of your lifetime.
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Specialized Graduate Studies Open Days

October is an exciting and busy time for Bar-Ilan University’s International School as we welcome many new international students. However, many of the graduate and postgraduate programs have start-dates that fall in 2021, which means we are still taking applications for various programs.
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Diversity is a competitive advantage

President Reuven Rivlin had a vision – to unite all Israelis in all sectors of the country. In 2015, the year following his inauguration, he created “Israeli Hope”, a venture that seeks to strengthen the “togetherness” of Israeli society through giving respect to, and a place for, every group that comprises it, in order to ensure the strength and prosperity of the State of Israel.
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Meet our Students, Alumni and Faculty

Bar-Ilan University’s Communications team publishes articles on current students, alumni, and faculty members on a regular basis. This month, we’re featuring one student and three professors.
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Catching Up With Our International Representatives

The Bar-Ilan University International School’s experts help us spread the word about Bar-Ilan and recruit potential students. In this article, we learn about Anabella Jaroslavsky and find out what she has been doing to bring the world closer to Bar-Ilan University.
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September 2020


Paving the Way to a Successful Future

Message from Ofer Dahan, Executive Director

The start of a new year is always exciting and fun. New beginnings, new plans, new experiences… all come together as a clean slate, a fresh opportunity to take charge and make a change.

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Last Call for Prospective 2020 Students

This is your chance to ask all your questions in our final Zoom session for this year. Find out everything you need to know about our degrees and everything else related to your studies at Bar-Ilan University. You’ll also be able to meet some of the International School staff and a few students.

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Home Away From Home

Being Jewish in Israel is not difficult. As the Jewish state, there are many options for students of all streams of Judaism throughout the country. Many students seek a university that meets their academic  ambitions while simultaneously accommodating their Jewish lifestyle.

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Religious Life on Campus

The founders of Bar-Ilan University established the institution as an academic establishment that attributes the uniqueness of the Jewish people to the sacred Jewish principles and values by which they live.

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International Postdoctoral Fellowships Announced

Applications for the Azrieli Foundation’s International Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research at Bar-Ilan University in 2021 are now open! The scholarships are available for Postdoctoral researchers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Catching Up With Our International Representatives

The Bar-Ilan University International School’s aim is to connect with high school and university faculty members, administrators, and students all over the world. In order to do this efficiently, we have brought in various experts to help us spread the word about Bar-Ilan and recruit potential students.

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Meet our Students, Alumni, and Faculty

Bar-Ilan University’s Communications team publishes articles on current students, alumni, and faculty members on a regular basis. This month, we’re featuring one student, two graduates, and two professors.

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August 2020


Looking Forward to a New Year and New Challenges

Message from Prof. Rachel Dekel, Academic Head, BIU’s International School

The past five months have revealed how individuals and educational institutions have risen to the challenges of COVID-19 and the related crisis – and in so doing, have changed the face of education for the foreseeable future.

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Doctoral and Postdoc Students Arrive from India

On July 28, 2020, 100 Doctoral and Postdoctoral students from India landed in Israel on a special Israir flight initiated by Bar-Ilan University and its International School in cooperation with the airline.

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International MBA Program Update

The Graduate School of Business Administration at Bar-Ilan University has taken a bold decision to streamline the International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) program and align tuition fees for the next academic year with its core graduate MBA programs.

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Become a Fulbright Israel Postdoc Fellow at Bar-Ilan in 2021

Fulbright Israel has extended the application deadline for Postdoctoral Fellowships (all disciplines) in Israel to September 15, 2020. Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellows will receive a grant for $47,500 per academic year for up to two years ($95,000).

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International Students Allowed to Enter Israel

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced in a statement on Wednesday, July 22, 2020, that permission would be granted to international students, who plan to begin (or continue) their studies in Israel this coming October, to enter Israel, despite the general ban on entry of foreigners.

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International Students Talk About Their Experiences

Bar-Ilan University publishes an ongoing series of articles on students who are studying at BIU. They’re asked questions about why they chose their specific degrees, what they enjoy most at the university, their favorite corner on campus, what they will take with them from their studies, and what their future plans include.

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July 2020


Expanding Our Global Community

Message from Prof. Moshe Lewenstein, Deputy President, Bar-Ilan University

We, at Bar-Ilan University’s International School, have come a long way in advancing our goals over the past year, even though we’ve faced challenges we could never have expected. Our international students, many who have recently graduated with undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees, ended the year very differently from the way they’d planned…

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Getting Ahead Of The Game

Summer Online Courses

The International School at Bar-Ilan University is well-known for its popular, interesting, and highly-regarded on-campus summer courses, all of which are conducted in English. As a result of COVID-19, we are introducing four new summer courses online, which will replace the on-campus program for the moment…

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Growing Selection of Degrees in English

Bar-Ilan’s International School expands its offering: Finding ways to expand the number of degrees offered in English to international students is a focus of the Bar-Ilan International School. We strive to give potential students the widest variety of choices possible.

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A Bar-Ilan Collaboration to Develop Online Hebrew Proficiency Test

The Importance of Strong Hebrew Skills When Studying in Hebrew: Studying in a language that’s not your mother-tongue can be daunting. Not only can you miss what is being taught in class, but it is also possible to misunderstand terms and phrases that are essential for your assignments and exams.

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June 2020


Bar-Ilan International School’s “Roof-Wetting” Ceremony

Message from Ofer Dahan, Director, Bar-Ilan University International School

Bar-Ilan University’s International School is finally under one roof after two years of planning. The move, which began before the outbreak of COVID-19, is now complete, and we officially opened our new offices – and as a result, all student services – on Tuesday 19 May.

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Student Initiative Sparks Interfaith University Course

At the beginning of 2018, Bar-Ilan University undergraduate students, Sariba Feinstein, a Jewish immigrant (olah) from the US, and Fatima Amer, an Arab Muslim Israeli, combined forces to start a branch of the Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) at Bar-Ilan University under the leadership of their professor, Dr. Ben Mollov.

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Bar-Ilan University’s Pioneering Interfaith Academic Program

The Jewish-Arab Inter-Religious Dialogue course promotes a change in perception of other cultures and religions, transforming views and opinions while creating tolerance and building relationships.

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First-Ever Conflict Resolution Summer Program Online

Conflicts over collective Identity, including issues of religion, narratives, and culture, abound in our world today. Conflict involving deep identity clashes and disagreements regarding deep societal values are usually considered intractable and difficult to settle or mediate.

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A Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Israel has produced more than 6,000 start-ups and generates more venture capital per capita than any country in the world. The country has a population of merely 9.19 million, and yet is home to more than 250 growth-stage companies that yield revenues in the millions, employing hundreds of people, with more established companies generating far higher revenues and employing thousands of people.
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WhatsApp Shavuot Challenge and Cheesecake Bake

A few days ahead of Shavuot, staff members from Bar-Ilan’s International School were hard at work baking Cheesecakes and other dairy desserts for international students. This was the second part of the International School’s challenge to staff and students. The first part started the week before with a challenge to students to help decorate the new offices, which were officially opened on Tuesday 19 May.
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During Corona, Overseas Students Prefer Israel

With colleges worldwide worried about falling admissions due to Covid-19, Israeli universities have seen a heartening uptick in international interest.

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May 2020


Choosing What Your Future Will Hold

Now is a crucial time for anyone making a major life choice about where to study next year. Deciding what university to attend and in what country, as well as trying to discover where they’ll have the most enriching experience, are decisions that will need to be made within the next few months. Read Article

Bar-Ilan’s Virtual Open Day a Success

Bar-Ilan’s International School hosted its first Virtual Open Day via Zoom on Sunday 3 May. The International School is responsible for all degrees taught in English – undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate. The Open Day presentations were held in two time slots – 10:00 and 19:00 (Israel Time) – to accommodate all countries in all time zones. Read Article

Academic Excellence in a Vibrant Social Community

Making major life choices is never easy and choosing a university can be daunting. We know there are many universities in Israel and globally from which to choose, so we’d like to share with you why we think you should choose Bar-Ilan University (BIU). Read Article

Virtual Tour: History and Archaeology of the Land of Israel

Take a fascinating virtual tour and learn with Bar-Ilan University’s Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology Department starting Sunday 17 May. Tune in at 6pm Israel time every day (except Shabbat) for the next two weeks. Click here to see the full schedule. If, after you’ve enjoyed this series, you would like to take your studies to the next level, our MA in Land of Israel Studies is now being offered entirely in English. Find out more.

New! MA in Bible Studies in English

Bar-Ilan University’s International School is pleased to announce that the Master of Arts in Bible Studies will now be offered entirely in English from the next academic year starting in October 2020. Read Article

Identity-Based Conflict Resolution Summer Program Online

As a result of the Coronavirus, Bar-Ilan University’s International School will be running its Identity-Based Conflict Resolution summer program online so that you don’t miss out. Find out more.


Bar-Ilan’s International Students Receive Holiday Boxes from Osem

Before Passover and Easter, Bar-Ilan University approached Osem Israel, one of the largest food manufacturers and distributors in the country, to help the university support its international students who were alone on campus during the holidays due to the Coronavirus situation. Read Article

Survivor, Shimshon Fuhrer, Talks to BIU Students

On the eve of Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), many of BIU’s students benefited from the unique opportunity of hearing from Shimshon Fuhrer, a Holocaust survivor, who shared his and his family’s story of the war. Read Article

Indian Students Send Special Independence Day Wishes

Bar-Ilan University’s International School Students from India produced a special video wishing Israel a happy 72nd Independence Day. The students, who are self-isolating in their residences on Bar-Ilan’s campus in Ramat Gan, got together virtually to surprise the university with special wishes for Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day), which Israel celebrated earlier this week. Read Article






April 2020


Bar-Ilan University in the Time of Corona

Bar-Ilan University (BIU) has taken the bull by the horns and found various ways to support students, faculty, and staff during this unprecedented time of the Coronavirus. Read Article




Celebrating the Holidays while in Isolation

Life as we know it is no longer the same. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made sure of that. We are all hunkering down and staying away from everyone we know apart from those living with us. Read Article






Happy Holidays!

Some of Bar-Ilan University’s International School students and staff got together on Zoom to send holiday greetings to everyone celebrating this month. Watch the video.






Variety is the Spice of Summer Life

As with every university worldwide, it is hard to determine what will happen with Bar-Ilan University’s summer programs. We are hoping and praying that the Coronavirus will be under control by mid-July when our programs begin, and we are moving forward with that in mind. Read Article



International School, Bldg 403, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, IL 5290002

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