Here is a list of documents you are required to submit as part of your graduate level application

(This does not include the IMBA program which has it’s own list)

Documents in languages other than English or Hebrew must be translated into English or Hebrew by a certified Israeli translation agency

Bar-Ilan University reserves the right to request further documentation from candidates when necessary. 

Please scan the following documents and send by e-mail to the address mentioned below. You are required to present the original documents to Bar-Ilan staff when you begin your school year- please make sure to bring hard copies of original documents with you, keeping in mind they MAY NOT  be returned to you. 

1.Copy of first page of Teudat Zehut/ Passport, Teudat Oleh if applicable.

2. First /Undergraduate Degree Diploma or Certificate of Eligibility First/ Undergraduate transcript of records.
The transcript must include the list of grades and the final Grade Point Average (GPA), as well as the transcript legend

3.Any Other Academic Work/Transcript of Records

4. Other application material if required by the department you are applying to

An incomplete file will not be reviewed. 

You will be required to present the original documents upon the beginning of the school year.

Drafting a Letter of Intent

All documents should be sent to Ahlam by e-mail to