”The opportunity to conduct research in my chosen field and learn from so many distinguished professors and speakers in the most incredible country in the world was life changing. Not only did I have the chance to experience Israel with a special group of individuals with whom I share many interests, but I also had my first foray into the world of academic research.” / Aliza Katz, New York / Summer Science Research Internships

Expand Your Horizons!

Bar-Ilan University (BIU) is ranked in the top 2% of all universities in the world with unparalleled academic advancements, and delivers programs that are among the world’s top 300, according to the Shanghai Ranking (including Political Science, Communications, Sociology and Economics).
Prize-winning professors and lecturers, internationallyrecognized for their research and achievements, educate students in interesting, top-quality, multidisciplinary degrees and degree courses (BA, MA, PhD and short-term programs) – all in English. The university prides itself on its pioneering research and significant advancement in all departments.

Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs (EU’s Erasmus+ and more) are highly sought-after by incoming and outgoing students who benefit from an enriching experience in a new
culture within a new country – all while continuing to pursue their academic
BIU’s International School student
representatives ensure there is a
vibrant social community on campus,
and residential students experience a
welcoming, all-encompassing social
environment in beautiful dormitorystyle living.
In addition, the BIU International School Student Services Center is dedicated to supporting international students’ needs and ensuring their stay is interesting, entertaining, and rewarding.

Bar-Ilan University was awarded Israel’s “Most Beautiful Campus” title by the Council for a Beautiful Israel, making it a wonderful place to study, relax, have
fun, and make new friends. The campus
is located in the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, a short ride to all major hot spots in the center of the city and an hour from Jerusalem.

One of the advantages of the BIU International School programs is that international students are integrated into the university at all levels and are able to study with Israeli students. Programs are mixed and English speaking students can take courses in Hebrew and vice versa.

Join BIU’s International School this summer and enjoy one of our topnotch programs for credit or for fun.

Impact Beyond Excellence.

BIU offers international students the opportunity to experience Israel and university life through a diverse range of stimulating, thought-provoking summer programs. Students receive course credits from a top, world-ranked, accredited university, and benefit from all student and social activities on campus as well as weekly tours throughout the country. In addition, all programs combine theoretical with practical learning. Students receive an extremely hands-on, practical experience through workshops, simulations, laboratory work, visits to top high-tech Israeli companies and startups, and even the opportunity to join a dig at an excavation site.

Biblical Archaeology & History in the Land of Israel

The summer program will focus on the archaeology, history, and politics of Israel from antiquity to modern times. Offered by the Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology Department, this interesting and exciting program will provide knowledge and tools to build a broad, multidisciplinary view of the history, culture, and politics of ancient Israel from various perspectives. These will also serve as a platform for raising issues on contemporary Israel.
The program consists of two weeks of online lectures, one week of active participation in the archaeological excavation of Tell es-Safi/Gath, directed by archaeologist Prof. Aren Maeir, plus one week of lectures and field trips given by leading researchers in their fields.

General Aim and Topics

  • The program will provide a broad, multidisciplinary view of the history, culture, and politics of ancient and modern Israel from various perspectives.
  • It will provide tools and knowledge to build a broad and balanced perspective on the current political and cultural situation in Israel, based on a knowledge of the history, archaeology, and culture of the past.
  • Students will learn basic concepts, theory, and method in the history and archaeology of Israel through the ages

Specific Topics

  • Archaeology and history of the Ancient Land of Israel
  • Biblical Archaeology field methods.
  • History and politics of medieval and modern Israel
  • Geography of Israel and the Middle East.
  • Geopolitics of the modern Middle East

Students will stay at the site for the duration of the excavation and in Bar-Ilan University dorms for the rest of the program, which is open to undergraduate students in any field.


4 weeks (2 Online + 2 In Israel)

July 4-29, 2021

To be announced

Identity-Based Conflict Resolution

Bar Ilan University is home to many leading scholars and practitioners in the field of conflict resolution, many of whom participate in the interdisciplinary IdentityBased Conflict Resolution Summer Program.
Students, who come from all walks of Jewish, Muslim and Christian society as well as all disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, learn theoretical insights and practical training that have a wide range of professional relevance.
This program offers four graduate-level courses that focus on various perspectives on identity-based conflicts in Israel: cultural, psychological, religious, and legal. It teaches how to creatively engage with such conflicts by using simulations, bringing visitors and touring Israeli sites of conflict resolution.
There are two options – the online-only program or the full program (combination of online and on-campus).
Courses can also be taken individually

Collective Memory, Culture, Trauma, and Identity-Based Conflict Resolution.

Prof. Michal Alberstein & Dr. Beatrice Coscas-Williams

Social Psychological and Technological Approaches to Understanding and Resolving
Intergroup Conflicts

Dr. Béatrice Hasler Lev-Tov

Religion and Peacebuilding: Jewish and Islamic Models in Texts, Theory, and Practice

Dr. Daniel Roth

Mediating Conflicts between Religion and State: Israeli Perspectives

Dr. Shai Stern


Online-Only Program

2 weeks

Full Program (Online + On-Campus)

4 weeks


Online-Only Program

July 4-15, 2021

Full Program (Online + On-Campus)

As online + July 19-29, 2021 (Israel)

Online-Only Program

US $470 (India & China: US $200)

Full Program (Online + On-Campus)

US $940 (India & China: US $400)

Summer Ulpan: Hebrew Course

Bar-Ilan University’s intensive summer Hebrew course is an experiential program for those interested in learning basic spoken Hebrew and for getting to know Israel. It is open to anyone who wishes to learn Hebrew, young or old.

This basic, spoken-Hebrew course will focus on oral expression in contemporary Hebrew. The course is intended for people who do not know Hebrew (or who speak Hebrew at a basic level) and have come to Israel for a short period. This will allow them to get to know the country and the language.

Graduates of the summer course will be offered a place on Bar-Ilan University’s online Ulpan Aleph (beginners) program, which will be taught during the year and will include basic Hebrew – speaking, reading, writing, and grammar.


3 weeks (4 days a week, 5 hours a day)


July 4-22, 2021

US $320

Massive Open Online Course

The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Judah: Biblical Archaeology

This introductory course on biblical archaeology during the Iron Age (ca. 1200-586
BCE) is offered by the Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology Department. Cuttingedge, interdisciplinary archaeological research will be used to explore the field of archaeology, the history of this era, and it’s “players” (e.g., Israel, Judah, Philistine, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Aram, Moab, Edom, Ancient Egypt, etc.).

Special focus is given to the complex relationship between archaeology, history, and the Bible; how modern research interfaces between these different and, at times, conflicting sources; and in particular, how archaeology can be used to understand biblical text and vice versa.

Bar-Ilan University students can take this course for academic credit. However, it is also available for those who wish to learn for fun (free) or for an official EDX certificate.


3 weeks


To be announced

US $49 for an official EDX certificate

Summer Science Research InternshipsThis program is sponsored by Drs. Mordecai and Monique Katz,
American Friends of BIU, and YU.

The Summer Science Research Internship program for Yeshiva University Students
at Bar-Ilan University enables a select group of North American Orthodox college students to do advanced scientific research in state-of-the-art research laboratories. Students are able to enjoy the combination of Torah u’Madda (Torah and science) in a religious, Zionist environment while developing and strengthening their connection to Israel.

The program includes hands-on research in laboratories ranging from Brain Science and Engineering to Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. It is supplemented by field trips to R&D facilities throughout Israel, weekly lunch lectures by distinguished scientists, evening shiurim by distinguished rabbis, and Shabbat programs.

BIU coordinates the program in cooperation with YU and it is open to suitable students from other universities. Housing is provided at the YU-Gruss building in Bayit VaGan, Jerusalem. There is daily transportation provided to and from the university

Students will need to go through a selection process in order to be accepted into the program. The deadline for applications for the 2021 program is February 5, 2021. Applications for 2022 will open later in the year. For further details, visit our website or email Prof. Arlene Gordon.

Student Services Center

The Bar-Ilan University International School’s Student Services Center provides full support to international students, and serves as a one-stop “home-away-from-home” address to care for students’ needs during their summer program.

The Center offers assistance in a variety of areas, which include handling of entry visas, registering for dormitories, scheduling of courses, guidance with health insurance and local transportation options. In addition, field trips and social activities are organized by the Center for all students.

General Information

The cost of each program varies, but all costs include classes, learning
materials, tours in Israel, accommodation, lunch and dinner on campus, and more. Scholarships and financial aid are available for certain programs.

Health insurance and visa information is available on the BIU website.
Both will need to be sorted out before arrival in Israel

BIU gives students the opportunity
to enjoy an extensive academic experience in a vibrant social and cultural environment.

“It has been a very nice and interesting experience coming here to study and live in Israel. BIU makes me feel very welcomed. I am so glad that I have chosen to come here and have these international and mixed-culture experiences.” / Helen Qin, China

“I quickly found amazing friends from all over the world, and Bar-Ilan became my second home… I felt myself growing and learning every day. It was just the right amount of challenge and fun.” / Anne Marie, Poland /

International School
Bar-Ilan University
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