All international students must obtain a health insurance policy for the duration of their stay In Israel – before they arrive.

There is no obligation to work with a specific insurance provider, however we recommend contacting “Harel Yedidim” – who have comprehensive experience handling the insurance needs of International  students, and an English-speaking service 24/7.

For more information see here.

Please see here for a basic summary of coverage and here for the full policy.

To download the insurance application form click here

Update of Insurance Premiums for Foreigners in Israel, January 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You will be asked to present your valid health insurance policy upon arrival in Israel.

After completing the form, please send it to

For more questions regarding the policy and/or for an upgraded policy, please contact Harel Yedidim at +972-3-6386216 or


Tel: 03-738-4246

Office hours:

  • Sunday, Tuesday: 11:30-14:00
  • Monday, Wednesday: 08:30-10:30