All international students must obtain a health insurance policy for the duration of their stay In Israel – before they arrive.

There is no obligation to work with a specific insurance provider, however, we recommend contacting “Harel Yedidim” – who have comprehensive experience handling the insurance needs of international students, and an English-speaking service 24/7.

The Prestige Policy is a yearly policy that you can purchase for one year in advance. The yearly premium of 4343 NIS per person and we can divide the payment up to 10 instalments. If you leave Israel before the end of the year (i.e., the expiration date of the policy), you can cancel it and be reimbursed for the payments after the cancelation date. The Prestige Policy offers continuity of the medical coverage from one year to the next, and it is the recommended policy for full-time students that intend to come to Israel for at least one year (e.g., Undergraduates, Graduates, Postdocs etc.). Pre-existing medical  conditions are not covered, but the Prestige Policy will cover a worsening of pre-existing medical issues up  to 3500 shekels.

The UMS Policy is a Short-Time policy.  In every renewal of the policy, you will have to fill out a new health declaration, and pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered, nor worsening of such issues. The UMS policy is recommended for scholars and students who come to Israel for a short-term period, up to one year. The daily premium of the UMS policy is 10.2 NIS per person. (3723 NIS per year)

The insurance premium is in New Israel Shekels, linked to the consumer price index and to the index of the month of March 2021  (544.4869 points)

Once again, we recommend students that plan to stay in Israel for more than one year, to purchase the Prestige policy.

The policy coverage summary, as well as the application forms, are below. Both plans cover Covid-19 issues and vaccines.

Please click here for an outline of both options; click here for the premiums.

Please click here for Harel Yedidim’s General Instructions

Click here for an online application for the UMS policy, and here for the Prestige policy

You will be asked to present your valid health insurance policy upon arrival in Israel.

For further information please contact Harel Yedidim at +972-3-638-6216 or