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    International School (Bldg. 403/-1)
    Bar-Ilan University 
    Ramat Gan, Israel 5290002

    International School Tel: +972-3-738-4245

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    Marketing and Recruitment – Tel: +972-3-738-4245

    Student Exchange and Short-term Programs – Email: Tel: +972-3-738-4721

    Undergraduate Degrees: Admissions – Email: Tel: +972-3-738-4210

    Graduate and Postgraduate Degrees: Admissions – Email: Tel: +972-3-738-4697

    Visas, Dorms, Health Insurance, US Tax Forms – Email: Tel: +972-3-7384246

    Students' Academic Advisor – Email: Tel: +972-3-738-4247

    Student Affairs and Well-being – Email: Tel: +972-3-738-4742

    International School (Bldg. 403/-1)
    Bar-Ilan University 
    Ramat-Gan, Israel 5290002