English Literature


The Department of English at Bar-Ilan University has the most broadly-based program in Israel, and exceeds all other equivalent programs in number and variety of courses.

The B.A. Program in Literature provides students with a solid foundation in the history and development of English and America literature, while also aiming to develop high-level skills of analysis, critical thinking, argumentation, and self-expression.

Read Between the Lines

English majors hone your ability to think critically and write well, some of the most important skills employers consider. The classes at BIU are not only designed to let enjoy wonderful literature, but develop your skills of critical reading, complex thinking, and self-expression.

Equipment for Living

Literature explores classical and contemporary poetry, fiction, and prose to understand how history shapes and is shaped by artists who use language. Literary theory asks psychological and philosophical questions about how we come to know the world and ourselves through texts and symbolic communication. It is, as the critic Kenneth Burke said, the “Equipment for Living”.

More Than a Good Read

Studying English Literature isn’t just for people who love getting lost in a good book. Since, English the lingua franca of the Western world, and permeates into all industries, including business, science, and academia, and compliments any field of study.


To graduate with a B.A. in English Literature, students are required to complete 28 department credits over the course of their studies. The program is designed to be completed in three years.

Note: English Literature is part of Bar-Ilan University’s “Dual Major” system, and requires students to do a second major in Communication.

Course List

First Year
Course No.Course TitleCredits
37-106Academic Writing I2
37-107Academic Writing II2
37-190Introduction to Fiction2
37-191Historical Background I2
37-192Historical Background II2
37-194Introduction to Poetry2
Subtotal: 12 credits
Second Year
Course No.Course TitleCredits
37-206Renaissance Literature2
37-252American Literature I2
37-303American Literature II2
37-30318th and 19th Century British Literature2
Subtotal: 10 credits
Third Year
Course No.Course TitleCredits
Department Electives4
Seminar Electives2
Subtotal: 6 credits

Curriculum is subject to change. This table includes only course requirements from the Major. Students need a total of 64 credits throughout their majors and core curriculum requirements to graduate.

To be considered for the Department of English, applicants are expected to have

  • Completed high school/ secondary school with a 3.5 GPA
  • Scored an 1100 combined score on the SAT Critical Reading + Math sections, a 26 score on the ACT, or a 550 Psychometric exam.

Note: English Literature is part of Bar-Ilan University’s “Dual Major” system, and requires students to do a second major in Communication.

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Program Overview

Program Type: Major (28 Credits)
Program Length:
 3 Years
Language of Instruction: English
Admission Requirements:

  • SAT: 1100
    Psychometric: 550
  • 3.5 High School GPA

Application Deadline: Rolling admissions