Program Overview

Small class size workshops with internationally-recognized faculty

Bar-Ilan University is a magnet for emerging writers from all backgrounds and from all over the world.

The two-year Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing offers specializations in Literary Fiction, Poetry or Creative Nonfiction. It is the only creative writing program in the world that also introduces Jewish literary writing and is the only English-language Jewish writing and creative writing program in Israel.

The program includes a full year of one-on-one mentoring for the purpose of completing a creative thesis in one of these tracks. Internationally-recognized faculty members are well published both in creative and scholarly arenas. Student workshops are small and focused, which supports and encourages a true mentoring bond between students and faculty. In addition to the dynamic courses and workshops, the program organizes conferences and seminars for the general public, featuring international writers.

How to Apply

Step One- Apply to the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing (Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, Literary Translation)

In order to apply, please be prepared with all of the following materials. All materials will be uploaded on Slideroom. To apply for the 2022-23 academic year, please click the following link: 

  1. Writing sample:
    • For application to the fiction and creative non-fiction tracks: a writing sample of 4000-5000 words (from separate works or one long work).
    • For application to the poetry track: 10-15 poems.
    • For application to Literary Translation:
      • A translation into English of 2500-3000 words of prose or 15-20 poems from any language + the original work in another language
      • A 150-250 word explanation of the translation, in which you can tell us about the author, the significance of the piece, any translation challenges you had and how you overcame them, why you chose this work, or whatever else you’d like to share with us.
  2. Recommendation letters: Two letters of recommendation from professors or if unavailable, from employers. They must be on letterhead and signed.
  3. Transcript: When you apply to the program, you must send us a transcript. It need not be official. HOWEVER, if your application is approved by the program, you must then submit an     OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT to the MA committee for all your undergraduate and graduate work. This transcript should be submitted directly to the MA office.

B. Step Two- Apply through the University’s General Online Application

Should you receive a notice from the Department of English Literature and Linguistics recommending your acceptance, you must then apply though the university’s general online system. You can do so by filling out the following form in English- and can pay the application fee here-

NOTE : Under the section called “Maslul Limudim”, you should fill in the following: MA with Thesis- Creative Writing Program

Academic Program

  • Three graduate literature seminars.
  • Three to four graduate creative writing workshops.
  • Participation in the Jewish Arts Seminar during the first year.
  • Graduate thesis.

During the course of their degree, students are also required to take 1-2 Jewish Studies courses or 1-2 general elective courses.

Sample Course List

  • Make It News: The Documentary Poem & Poetry of Witness.
  • Crafting Fiction: A Workshop.
  • Autobiography as a Literary Genre.
  • Poetic Forms and Genres.
  • Multi-Genre Hybrid Writing.


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Student Testimonial

“This is my fifth year studying at Bar Ilan. I loved my experience during my BA, where I met friends for life and professors who became role models and mentors for me. After graduating in Educational Counselling, I felt I had much more to learn here and got accepted to the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing. One reason I enjoy studying here is that the university is culturally diverse. In class, we have students from Germany, South Africa, and India. As an American, I wanted a place where I could meet more Americans and Bar-Ilan has many students and programs for Americans.” Noah. Cincinnati Ohio



    The School of Communication at Bar-Ilan University is one of the few academic institutions in the world to offer research and training in International Communications and Public Diplomacy. It aims to empower Israel’s future generation with the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for Israel across the globe. As a part of the BA program, students are offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in workshops on how to effectively convey messages and build a positive public image for anyone from brands, to themselves. The workshops, offered in areas relating to New Media, Advertising, Public Relations and Broadcast Media, are instructed by individuals considered professionals in their fields.

    Why Study Communication

    Communication is all around us. We use it every day without even noticing; we maintain personal communications with our family and friends, we consume mass media, and we create and participate in social networks.

    Communication studies are intended for those who want to influence and leave their mark on the world, who wish to take part in making tomorrow’s news — today. In order to accomplish that, one has to understand the media: Why is the same topic presently differently from one media outlet to another? What makes Google or Facebook so popular? Which medium is more influential – cinema, TV, radio, internet, or maybe the mobile phone? If you are interested in these questions – your place is with us.

    Unparalleled Expertise

    Bar-Ilan University has over 30 years of experience in teaching communication, and prides itself with hundreds of B.A. and M.A. graduates. The faculty members of the School of Communication and related units are internationally renowned researchers and lecturers, with extensive experience in all fields of communication: print press, TV, radio, advertising, marketing, public relations, spokesman ship and new media.

    Ample Career Opportunities

    Our graduates are sought after and well established in all fields of communications, both locally and globally. Many work in advertising or public relations offices, some in radio or TV stations, others in various websites, and a significant number in the press. Many of our graduates are media consultants in government or private offices, while others have chosen to pursue an academic research and teaching career.

    During the third year of studies, our BA students can already participate in our internship program, in which they intern in different media organizations such as PR offices, news websites, government offices and others. Through the program, the students gain practical experience in the field and acquire important tools which will assist them in their future careers.

    Program Overview

    Program Type: Major (25 Credits)
    Program Length:
     3 Years
    Language of Instruction: English
    Admission Requirements:

    • SAT: 1100
      Psychometric: 550
    • 3.5 High School GPA

    Application Deadline: Rolling admissions