Bar-Ilan University launches International Hebrew Ulpan Online

Ulpan Ivrit

Bar-Ilan University’s International School and the Department of the Hebrew Language are launching “Ulpan Ivrit Online”, Hebrew language classes via Zoom, starting in October 2021.

Ulpan Ivrit is open to anyone who wishes to learn Hebrew, young or old. This basic Hebrew course will focus on oral and written expression in contemporary Hebrew.

Graduates will receive an “Ulpan A” graduation certificate from Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Hebrew Language.

Graduates will also be offered the option of a semester or summer in Israel during which they’ll be able to study other programs, including Ulpan B, at a special price through Bar-Ilan University’s International School.

Ulpan Ivrit Level

Level A (beginners). Students do not speak or write Hebrew at all.

Ulpan Ivrit Type

Spoken and written Hebrew, including reading comprehension and grammar at a basic level.

Ulpan Ivrit Duration

Annual course, three semesters (each between 10 and 12 weeks) starting from October 2021

Ulpan Ivrit Hours

A full two-hour Zoom session once a week.

Ulpan Ivrit Cost

NIS3240 (approximately €810/$1000) per participant for the full programmer.

Ulpan Ivrit Lecturers

All Ulpan lecturers are from Bar-Ilan University and have years of experience teaching Hebrew with extensive knowledge of teaching online.

If you’re interested in joining this innovative new program, please email us at