Program Application

Program Overview

The Summer Science Research Internship program for Yeshiva University (YU) Students at Bar-Ilan University enables a select group of Orthodox North American college students to do advanced scientific research in state-of-the-art research laboratories while developing and strengthening their connection to Israel.

The program includes hands-on research in laboratories ranging from Brain Science and Engineering to Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. It is supplemented by field trips to R&D facilities throughout Israel, weekly lunch lectures by distinguished scientists, evening shiurim by distinguished rabbis, and Shabbat programs.

Bar-Ilan University in cooperation with YU coordinates the program, but it is open to all.

Housing is provided at the YU-Gruss building in Bayit VaGan, Jerusalem. There is daily transportation provided to and from the university.

Enjoy the combination of Torah u’Madda (science) in a religious, Zionist environment.

This program is sponsored by Drs. Mordecai and Monique Katz, American Friends of BIU, and YU.

Registration is now open for 2021.

Students will need to go through a selection process in order to be accepted into the program.

For further details, visit our website: Or contact Prof. Gordon at