Program Application

Program Overview

The Summer Science Research Internship program for Yeshiva University (YU) Students at Bar-Ilan University enables a select group of Orthodox North American college students to do advanced scientific research in state-of-the-art research laboratories while developing and strengthening their connection to Israel.

The program includes hands-on research in laboratories ranging from Brain Science and Engineering to Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. It is supplemented by field trips to R&D facilities throughout Israel, weekly lunch lectures by distinguished scientists, evening shiurim by distinguished rabbis, and Shabbat programs.

Bar-Ilan University in cooperation with YU coordinates the program, but it is open to all.

Housing is provided at the YU-Gruss building in Bayit VaGan, Jerusalem. There is daily transportation provided to and from the university.

Enjoy the combination of Torah u’Madda (science) in a religious, Zionist environment.

This program is sponsored by the late Dr. Mordecai Katz OBM and Dr. Monique Katz, the Irving I. Stone Foundation and YU.

Registration is now open for 2022.

Students will need to go through a selection process in order to be accepted into the program.

For further details, visit our website: Or contact Prof. Gordon at