Program Overview

Gain invaluable skills, transfer to a variety of high-impact fields.

If you find yourself attracted to the fields of media, advertising, public relations, marketing, spokesmanship in industry and/or government – the Bar-Ilan University BA in Communication and Political Science is for you.

Our programs are led by top, world-renowned researchers in their fields and they specialize in imparting knowledge and effective communication skills and techniques that are applicable in a plethora of fields.

Bar-Ilan University’s School of Communication and Department of Political Studies give students an edge in their future careers as they study how communication techniques and technologies shape society, government and politics, and culture. The double major provides a broad survey of the many fields and elements in the world of media and political communication. The integration of the two gives students the proper tools to analyze government and media and succeed in careers in both paths.

Noteworthy is that the School of Communication at Bar-Ilan University is one of the few academic institutions in the world to offer research and training in International Communication and Public Diplomacy – and the Department of Political Studies is proud to house the world-renowned BESA (Begin-Sadat) Center for Strategic Studies, famous for its influence in foreign affairs and national security.

Ample Career Opportunities

Our graduates are sought after and well established in the fields of marketing and advertising, communication, public relations, government, and journalism, both locally and globally.

During the third year of studies, our BA students can already participate in our internship program, in which they intern in different media organizations such as PR offices, news websites, government offices, corporations, and others. Through the program, the students gain practical experience in the field and acquire important tools which will assist them in their future careers.

Student Testimonial

“I couldn’t be happier to have chosen Bar Ilan International Program as the place where I would earn my BA degree in Israel, in English! The International Program has provided me with courses that interest me, professors who care, and amazing friends from all over the world! It’s a wonderful environment, a beautiful campus, and a great place to study!”

Renay Mimran, USA

Core Requirements

  • 26 Credits in Political Science
  • 25 Credits in Communication
  • 10 Credits in Judaic Studies*
  • 3 Credits in General Studies**
  • English as a Foreign Language***
  1. See here for more information on “Bar-Ilan Credits”

*Judaic Studies courses are academic courses in a variety of fields within the Faculty of Jewish Studies, offered through The School of Basic Jewish Studies. All students are required to take some Judaic Studies courses. See here for more information. Admitted students who are not Jewish and would like to convert these 10 credits to General Studies courses should contact their program coordinator.

**General Studies courses are any course offered in the university (over 6,000) that is not related to your major (or double major) and is not Judaic Studies. Students with a minimum level 4 Hebrew are permitted to take courses in Hebrew, should they choose.

***Students who have graduated from high school in a non-English speaking country are required to show proficiency in English in order to be accepted to the International BA Program. For students who did not score high enough on the relevant exams, there is a requirement to take English as a Foreign Language courses. For more information on English language exams and grades, please see the tab on “Admission Requirements.”

Total Required to Graduate

  1. 64 credits (as delineated above)
  2. 300% paid tuition (100% multiplied by 3 years)

Courses and Descriptions: Communication

* Courses may change without notice.

Course List
Introduction to Communication: Theories and models 63-001-18/19

Introduces the students to the central theories and models in current communication research, from theoretical aspects to relevant updated case studies and events.

History of Communications 63-002-18

Learn how communication media, from writing to the internet, changed society and indeed, our entire worldview.

The Media in Israel 63-003-18

Gain an historical understanding of the development of media in Israel as well as be offered an overview of issues unique to Israel's current media environment.

Research and Information Science 63-004-18

First year students will acquire basic skills enabling them to use a variety of Bar-Ilan library information sources.

News Writing and Journalism Workshop 63-006-18

This workshop aims to provide students with a basic knowledge of and experience in news writing, while being taught about the unique trade of journalism.

Rhetoric and Public Speaking 63-009-18

Focuses on theories of classic and new rhetoric in interpersonal communication and in the mass media, while listening to and analyzing speeches.

Visual Culture 63-012-18

Explores the ideological, biased, cogent power of different visual media: newspapers, photography, films, tourist guides and advertisements.

Verbal Communication 63-013-18

Provides basic concepts in the field of verbal communication, including examples from the mass media, literature, and Israeli and Anglo-phonic daily speech.

Beyond State Control: International Organizations, NGOs, and Media Diplomacy 63-248-18

Examines the complex connection between international organizations, NGOs, media diplomacy and mediatization processes.

Nuclear Weapons and Communication 63-410-18

This seminar, via extensive use of audio-visual material, media and online content, will examine a wide range of issues relating to: nuclear weapons and communication.

Environmental communication & branding 63-423-18

Explores central theories and models in current environmental communication, branding, creativity and mass communication campaign construction.

The Art of Public Speaking 63-922-18/19

This workshop provides students with effective communication tools that improve their communication in front of many audience types.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 63-931-01

Uncovers the hidden aspects of the internet world, discovering what lies behind search engines and their underlying agenda.

Video Journalism Workshop 63-938

This workshop provides students with a basic knowledge of video journalism and broadcast news.

Jewish-Arab Interreligious Dialogue 63-944-18

This course aims to increase positive interactions between English speaking Jewish and Arab students (based on the foundations of the Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) Branch at Bar-Ilan).

Media and society in an age of intelligent and networked machines 71-024-18

Examines current and future Internet Technologies’ trends, their benefits and risks, considering the changing roles of journalists and open-code programmers as gatekeepers of media, society and technologies.

Courses and Descriptions: Political Science

* Courses may change without notice.

Course List
The Arab-Israeli Conflict 71-033-18

Acquaints the student with the background of the complex historical, political, cultural and religious dynamics that have led to the development of the Arab-Israel conflict.

Introduction to Politics and Government 71-100-18

Provides a basic working knowledge of political theory and its application. It deals with the basic ideas, functions, institutions, processes, regimes, ideologies and systems of government concerning politics and government.

Israeli Government and Politics 71-101-18

The goal of this course is to understand various aspects of Israeli government and politics.

Introduction to International Relations 71-104-18

Gives students the conceptual tools and research principles to understand and analyze processes and events in the field of international relations.

History of Political Thought 71-108-18

This course helps the student gain insight about the history of political thought, or political philosophy, from ancient time to the present

Statistics 71-204-18/1

This course focuses on statistical methods commonly used in social science research.

Research Methods 71-205-18/19

Describes the methods used in social science research: theory development, hypothesis testing, study design, data analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of results.

Leadership, Strategy and Politics 71-219-18

Offers an in-depth look at Leadership, Politics and Strategy, three important components for the success, integration, and implementation of policy – be it national, international, or organizational.

US-Israeli Relations 71-428-18

Analyses the development of US-Israeli relations in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the US-Israeli relationship.

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Program Overview
Program Length: 3 Years

Priority Application Deadline: July 30, 2021

Admission Requirements:
GPA 3.1 or above.
GPA 3.3 or above for waiver of SAT exam.
SAT 1100 or above, of which EBRW is 600 or above.

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The School of Communication at Bar-Ilan University is one of the few academic institutions in the world to offer research and training in International Communications and Public Diplomacy. It aims to empower Israel’s future generation with the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for Israel across the globe. As a part of the BA program, students are offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in workshops on how to effectively convey messages and build a positive public image for anyone from brands, to themselves. The workshops, offered in areas relating to New Media, Advertising, Public Relations and Broadcast Media, are instructed by individuals considered professionals in their fields.

Why Study Communication

Communication is all around us. We use it every day without even noticing; we maintain personal communications with our family and friends, we consume mass media, and we create and participate in social networks.

Communication studies are intended for those who want to influence and leave their mark on the world, who wish to take part in making tomorrow’s news — today. In order to accomplish that, one has to understand the media: Why is the same topic presently differently from one media outlet to another? What makes Google or Facebook so popular? Which medium is more influential – cinema, TV, radio, internet, or maybe the mobile phone? If you are interested in these questions – your place is with us.

Unparalleled Expertise

Bar-Ilan University has over 30 years of experience in teaching communication, and prides itself with hundreds of B.A. and M.A. graduates. The faculty members of the School of Communication and related units are internationally renowned researchers and lecturers, with extensive experience in all fields of communication: print press, TV, radio, advertising, marketing, public relations, spokesman ship and new media.

Ample Career Opportunities

Our graduates are sought after and well established in all fields of communications, both locally and globally. Many work in advertising or public relations offices, some in radio or TV stations, others in various websites, and a significant number in the press. Many of our graduates are media consultants in government or private offices, while others have chosen to pursue an academic research and teaching career.

During the third year of studies, our BA students can already participate in our internship program, in which they intern in different media organizations such as PR offices, news websites, government offices and others. Through the program, the students gain practical experience in the field and acquire important tools which will assist them in their future careers.

Program Overview

Program Type: Major (25 Credits)
Program Length:
 3 Years
Language of Instruction: English
Admission Requirements:

  • SAT: 1100
    Psychometric: 550
  • 3.5 High School GPA

Application Deadline: Rolling admissions